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Doublelift Net Worth

Yiliang Peter Peng is professionally recognized as Doublelift. He is a League of Legends professional player and is a streamer and content creator based in America. He has also played for Team SoloMid, Counter Logic Gaming, and Team Liquid. Yiliang gained popularity of being a great player in League of Legends. His friends and fans often started him recognizing him as the greatest League of Legends player with the most LCS championships ever in history.

Early Life

Yiliang was born in 1993 on 19th July in Mission Viejo, California. He is of American nationality. He has two brothers, but there have been many incidents in his family. His mother and father were attacked, and in fact, his mother was killed in an argument that occurred outside his home, and his father was also injured.

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Career Beginning

Peng started his career by playing video games, including Heroes of Newerth, DotA, and World of Warcraft, and more. Before he moved to other high-level games like League of Legends, he first started with basic console games. Peng mentioned in one of his interviews that his relationship wasn’t good with his parents because they never supported him to attain a career as an esports player. He has always struggled and argued with his parents.

His parents thought that playing games are a waste of time, but he was so dedicated that he continued to play and stream games. He started to play League of Legends professionally when people started loving him, and he caught the attention of George Georgallidis. George was the founder of CLG, and he recruited Peng as a Support player.

He mentioned that he was quite introverted with his friends and didn’t use to talk much because he thought that he was a normal guy that plays games. Even for his accomplishments, his parents didn’t praise him or were happy for his accomplishments. Peng, along with CLG, was found guilty of stealing ZioSpartan. They were also fine $2500. This impacts the relationship of Peng and CLG, and they both split because of these issues.

Personal Life

He is a close friend with Travis Gafford, an esports journalist, and Gafford mentioned in an interview that he met Peng the first time he posted content on Reddit, and at that time, he was living rough. Gafford asked him to live with him and work to pay him rent. Peng also praised Gafford that he helped him to grow and taught him everything on how to work, bank account, and more. Gafford helped him to have all the necessities and helped him settle his life.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Doublelift as of 2020 is approximately around $5 million. He is earning much at middle age and is considered a successful person. Peng earns his salary by performing at different tournaments and championships held in Sweden. By joined the SoloMid team and his fans got shocked after knowing this, and just after joining SoloMid, he gained thousands of followers and viewers.

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