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DrLupo Net Worth

DrLupo real name is Benjamin Lupo. He was brought up in this world on 20th March 1987. He is more often known as DrLupo. By profession, he is a Streamer and a Youtuber. He is the professional player of the Rogue. He is more prominently known for his charity. In his channel, he used to do many charity streets. That money will go into the funds of the charity. He used to play Fortnite in his streaming videos.

Early Life

He was brought up in this world on 20th March in 1987. He holds the nationality of American. He was born in Omaha, which is in Nebraska. He had another name which is known as Benjamin Lupo. He was born and raised in Nebraska only. He had completed his schooling at Omaha North Magnet High School. From his childhood, he performed gaming videos and was very interested in video games. He had completed his graduation from Creighton College. He had done Engineering. He was born to James Lupo and Regina. He also had three brothers. In the Future, they will become the pillars of his gaming videos. Before joining Youtube, he was working in an Insurance company.


By profession, he is Youtuber. He used to stream games on his channel. In his channel, the view is around 120 million. He had started his career by streaming the game, whose name is “Destiny .”He got much recognition by playing the game, whose name is Fortnite. He used to spray along Ninja, Myth, and Tim the Tatman. In 2018, he left gaming Fortnite with a score point of 49 256,200. By streaming, he had collected $600,000 for the Hospital. He donated all his money to the Hospital known as St.Jude Children Research Hospital. He had donated most of his money to the Places. For the Future, he wants to collect $2 million. Buhe had collected more than he was estimated at 2.3 million. Then in 2019, he joined Twitch. This gained more recognition of his identity. He had also done the Among us with artists such as AlexandriaOcacia- Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and stars such as Pokimane Disguised Toast. He had collaborated with DrDisrespect, Myth, Ninja, Summit1g, Tim the Tatman.

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Personal Life

He got married to Samantha. They loved each other, and they finally got married. The couple eventually got blessed, whose name is Charlie. His wife was also featured in his videos. She used to handle the social media account for Drupal. She used to support Lupo in every condition and situation in his life. She used to manage the social media account of DrLupo. He used to spend most of his time with his family. He used to keep his personal and private life separate.

Net Worth

Lupoholdsa’s total net worth was $3 million, which he gained from his career. He gained from his streaming career on Youtube.

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