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Eddie Griffin Net Worth

Edward Griffin is a talented actor and comedian based in America. He got popular because of his Stand-ups and got positioned at 62 numbers for 100 Greatest Stand-Ups in the list of Comedy Central. He is known for depicting Eddie Sherman on Malcolm and Eddie. Griffin has also made many appearances in comedy films, including Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, Undercover Broker, and more.

Early Life

Edward Griffin was born on 15th July 1968 in Kansas City, Missouri. His mother is an operator in a phone company, and she raised Edward independently. When Edward turned 16, in 1984, he shifted to California to spend time with his cousins. Edward became a father and got listed in the U. S. Navy but was released because of consuming marijuana.

He completed six months in jail; he made painting and dancing houses and later started comedy in an open-mike night at a comedy club. He got onstage for a bet, but everyone at the comedy club loved his comedy, and he received a standing ovation from all. His comedy about the gay version of Andrew Dice Clay, a tough-guy became so popular, and later Griffin was hired to perform for him.

Griffin was restricted to see him, mother because he got into a dispute with Griffin and accused Griffin of stealing jewelry. This was a false accusation, as Griffin denied stealing. He then shifted back to California to get close to his family because his mother got into a car accident and was injured.

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Career Beginnings

Eddie has been starred in many movies, including The Walking Dead, Double Take, John Q, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, Urban Justice, The Meteor Man, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, and more. He was also starred in television series, including Malcolm and Eddie. Griffin appeared in many commercials and comedy shows.

Personal Life

When Griffin turned 16, he married Carla in 1984, and he had his second marriage in 2002 with Rochelle. For the third time, he married Nia Rivers in 2011. After a few months, the couple filed for divorce, stating that they both had diametrically opposed differences. He married Ko Lee Griffin as his fourth wife in Las Vegas on 27th July.

In 2007, Griffin participated in Irwindale Speedway, a charity race. He participated in endorsing his film Redline utilizing a Ferrari Enzo. During the run, instead of hitting the brake, he hit the gas pedal and crashed into a barrier. He was not injured, but because of his accident, $1.5 million supercars were damaged. The media published that Griffin hit the gas pedal for publicity. Griffin criticized reporters for publishing news in a negative way.


Griffin won the Best Actor award for his appearance in his film Last Supper in two big events, which are San Francisco Global Movie Fest 2014 and Los Angeles International Film Festival 2014. He has made multiple appearances in movies from 1991 to 2020.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of American actor and comedian is $5 million.

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