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Eric Thomas who is an American motivational speaker was born on September 3, 1970. Being born in 1970 makes him 50 years of age now and he was born in Chicago, Illinois. He completed his B.A.from Oakwood University, M.A.from Michigan State University and also PhD from Michigan State University.He’s a very popular motivational speaker nowadays in the America and also she’s a consultant as well as a coach.

Personal life

Although Thomas was born in Chicago, he was not raised at that place.He grew up in Detroit, Michigan. The family condition as well as the relations of his and his mother with the other family members were not so good. Due to this weekend family relations with his family members like parents and aunts, he also dropped out of school. His mother was only a teenager and was a single parent.  Being a single parent, it was not so easy for his mother to take care of him.

Thomas was dropped out of school and then he lived on the streets of Detroit being homeless for near about two years.It was during the time when he was homeless, something happened which changed his life. When he was roaming on the street, he met a person who was a preacher. The preacher talked to him and inspired him to return back to school and continue his studies. After completing his education, he also got a good job at the Olive Garden.

Also, when he was pursuing his job andWho was at the centre seventh day Adventist church, he met his wife De De Mosley. After meeting her, they both went to Oakwooduniversity in Huntsville, Alabama and got married.Thomas was not only a good person but also was a social worker. He liked working for the poor people and therefore, he preached and also settled up a program to help the young generation who were subjected to poverty.

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After completing his studies, Thomas got a job with Michigan State University in 2003. He completed his Masters in educational leadership and worked as a advisor to disadvantaged students. Along with this, he continued his studies and go to master degree in 2005 from Michigan State University.He also got PhD in education administration in the same year.

Being an inspiration for many, he was known as a preacher and also a motivational speaker. Thomas founded his own company which provided services for education consulting, athletic development and also executive coaching. You can hear his sermons in some title tracks like Hard Times released in 2016, Wins and Losses by Meek Mill’s released in 2017. He has also wrote some books like TheSecret to Success in 2011, TheAverageSkillPhenomenal Will in 2016 and You Ain’t The Boss Of Me in 2019.

Net worth

Eric D.Thomas is an American motivational speaker. Along with a motivational speaker, he is also a minister as well as author. Is it estimated net worth is $5 million and he has got popularity among the youth from his motivational speeches on YouTube.

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