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Eva Mendes Net Worth

Eva is more popularly known as Eva Mendes. She has done career scoring as an actress, a model, and a recognized businesswoman. She had started her career in 1990. She had done her roles in the movies such as Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror, and she had done the Urban Legends. Her career made the turning point from the film Training day, produced and created in 2001. She had many films in her career.

Early Life

Her full name is Eva De la Caridad Mendez. She was brought down on this earth on 5th March in 1974. She holds the nationality of American. She was born and raised in Miami, which is present in Florida in the U.S. She was brought down on this earth to Eva Perez Suarez and Juan Carlos Mendez. In her childhood, her parents got separated, and her mother raised her. She used to work at Maam Chinese Theatre. Then she worked in an Aerospace company. Her father works as a Meat Distributor. She had one sibling whose name was Carlos Mendez. He died from Throat cancer in 2016. She had done schooling to over High School, in Glendale. She had completed her graduation from the California State University, which is present in Northridge. She left her graduation course to pursue her career in acting. She learned to act under Ivana Chubbuck.


Her career started when a manager saw her friend’s portfolio pictures. Then she made her debut in the film, Children Of thr corn V: Fields of Terror. Her performance was not so good, so she hired an acting coach. Then she appeared in the comedy show A Night At The Roxbury. He also did the Exit Wounds, which was released in 2001. She had done the film, which was made $73 million worldwide. In some of the movies, her voice made edited and dubbed in the movie. Then she took a break from her film career, and after that, she released the film in the crime comedy known as “All About Benjamin .”She had done some movies such as Children of the Corn V: Field of Terror, A night At the Roxbury, My Brother the Pig, Urban legends: Final Cut, Exit Wounds, Training Day, All about the Benjamin, 2 Fast and 2 Furious, Out of Mexico, Stuck on You, Hitch, The Wendell Baker Story, Guilty Hearts, Trust the Man, We Own the Heart, Live!, Cleaner, The Woman, The Spirit, The Other Guys, Bad Lieutenant, Tue Other Guys, and many more movies. She had been nominated for some films, and she had won the war, such as Capri Hollywood Awards Giffoni Film Festival, and had been selected for some awards.

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Personal Life

Earlier, she was in a relationship with George Augusto from 2002 to 2010. Then she dated to Ryan Gosling, and she came face to face with him in the set of “The Place Beyond the Pines .”The couple had two daughters.

Net Worth

She had owned around $20million, which she had earned from her films and television series.

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