Famous Dex Net worth

Famous had made his career as a rapper. He is more popularly known for the albums that he had made. He is more popularly known as Famous Dex. He had made his career album a debut. The album was named Dex Meets Dexter. The album had made it into number 12 on the billboard 200. He had also created the singles of him, which are known as Pick it Up and Japan. These albums had made it into the Peaked 54 and 28 positions in the Billboard Hot 100.

Famous Dex’s Early Life

Famous was born with Dexter Tiewon Gore Jr. He was brought down on this earth on 6th September 1993. He had given the names Dexter, Dex, and Black Money Dex. He was born in New York City, in the United States. The origin of his place in Chicago, which is present in Illinois, US. He was born in the city of Harlem in New York City. But he was born, and he was shifted to Chicago, which is present in Illinois. But he was raised in the Englewood. The city is currently on the Southside. There is no precise information about his schooling, and more about his parent’s report is available. When his mother died, he pursued magic as his career. His mother died in the year 2014 of September. He had done the tattoo of a pink ribbon on his hand. The reason behind this was the mother’s death of because of Breast cancer.

Famous Dex’s Career

In 2015, he released the mixtape, which was known as Never Seen it Coming. After that, he released the second mixtape, known as Dexter Laboratory. The album was not the same as the cartoon one. In the upcoming year 2016, he released the album which is known as Drippy and also the album named axe Ohh Mann God Damm. After that, he was signed to the label Rich Forever. Afterwards, the label work he had done, he had released the collaboration with Gore and Rich for the album named As Rich Forever. This album comes up with the three sequels of the album. He had made some studio albums, which are 2 in number. He had made 11 singles in his career timeline. He had done the collaboration, which is 11 in number. He had made albums such as Diana. The extended plays he had made were around Jugg &Finesse When Donald met dexter, Ballin season, Dexter 2031 and many more sports. He had worked under the label of Rich forever, 300, Atlantic. He had made the collaboration with jay crotch and rich the kid. 

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Famous dex’s personal life

In 2018, he had made the joke of an Indian American Hindu man meeting up with his friend in the Gas station. He had the remarks as Witch Lil. He also had fun with the tilak that he had made on his forehead. He was also arrested for about one year in Los Angeles, California. 

Famous Dex’s Net Worth

He had gained a net worth of $7 million, which he had gained from the albums that he had made in his career timeline. He had also won an award for his work.

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