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Faze Adapt Net Worth

Faze had made his career as a Youtuber and a director for some of the works. He used to direct the game named the Call of the Duty. He had formed an organisation designated as Faze Clan. On his Youtube channel, he performed gaming and blogging and prank reactions in his career. He had also made his appereance in some of the videos on the Channel with his friends. He was seen on the Mr Beast Youtube channel. He had appeared in many of the videos on other people’s Youtube Channel.

Faze Adapts Early Life

When he was born, he was named Alexander Hamilton Sienkiewicz. He was brought down on this earth on 5th June of 1997. He had taken birth from. Peter and Nancy. He had his siblings, and their names are Nikan. He was born in the land of Arizona. The city where he was born was the Phoenix which is in Arizona. The star sign where he was born is Gemini. From the early stage of his life, he didn’t like to make friends. He wants to stay alone and not in the company of others. The information about his schooling is not available; the college where he had done his graduation is still not public. He didn’t reveal much about his early life of his. He usually keeps this a secret and holds it to himself. 

Faze Adapt’s Career

If we got into his career, he is a Youtuber. He had a channel of 3.3 million, where he used to post his gaming videos on his channel. He is the director of the game named Call of Duty. Slowly his family on Youtube are heading towards the path of success. He had another channel named e Clan, and he had subscribers of 4 million. He used to play another game called SoaR Gaming. He used to play the game before the starting of the FaZe Clan. In the channel, he used to post the gaming section. He uploadss the videos of the game such as Warfae 2and Call of Duty: Black OpsII. Slowly he used to teach others how to play and tell them the tricks he used in the game. He used to prepare the Young student for about 720 instaswaps. Besides posting videos of the gaming, he used to boost the prank videos as well as Challenges videos on his channel. He likes to keep track more engaged so that more subscribers will add to his account. After that, he used to post funny rap videos so that he attracted more amount of subscribers. He had his merchandise on Youtube. 

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Faze Adapt’s Personal Life

Like other celebrities, he also likes to keep it secret, but he is in a relationship with Adrianna Scaley. He didn’t want to reveal much about his relationship with Scaley. More, he wants to focus on his career as it is in the growing stage. As he didn’t show his relation, the sources had their information. 

Faze Adapt Net Worth

The exact net worth is unknown, but it is estimated to be around $1 million to $2 million. He had gained this from his Youtube career, and he will earn more soon. 

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