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Faze Rain Net Worth

Faze Rain’s actual name is Nordan Shat. He had kept his channel as the Faze Rain. He was brought into this world on 29th May 1996. He has chosen his career as a Youtuber. He holds the nationality of Canadian. He’s got his fandom by posting his blogs on his Youtube. Most of his videos are based on his channel’s Call of the Duty video game. His central channel theme is based on Gaming and his blogs.

Early Life

When he was born, he was given the name Nordan Shat. But later, he was more popularly known as Faze Rain for his channel. He was born down in the land of Toronto, which is present in Ontario that is in Canada. He had a happy childhood, not unlike other children who had an unhappy childhood. He had also mentioned in an interview that he used to be fat when he was a small child, and he had to be obese in weight. He had lost some weight when he was only five years old. When he was in his school, he used to be very funny. He used to make his class laugh hard. For this behave he used to get into trouble. His parents were called to the principal office. He had a sister. After some time, he used to get depressed because of his parent’s separation and getting his new stepfather. He had even attempted suicide in his childhood.


He is Youtuber by profession. He had two channels which are named Nordan Shat and Faza Rain. His channel post different content. One of his channel post video games and another post about his daily blogs. Before starting his own YouTube channel, he was in another clan with Rising, Obey, and Supra. Now he had subscribers of 1.7 million. He had viewers of 138 million on his channel. The more he posted the videos, the more views he got, which helped his income. Slowly he gets his income and fulfills all his wishes. His channel usually broadcasts the Video games such as Calm of a duty. His tricks which are used in the game was called the best tricks. He has worked very hard to get into that position. In his interview, he said that all the up and down that was going in his life was all settled was the Youtube. He had become a fantastic Youtuber because of his skills.

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Personal Life

Starting in his childhood, he had a happy life, but slowly the challenges which came in his way were highly challenging. He copes with some pathways, but he cannot because of the pressure in some. When he was going into this situation, he also saw the heartbreak. His girlfriend. It was also one of the reasons for his depression.

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $3 million, which he gained from his Youtube Career and videos. 

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