Fetty wap Net worth

FettyWap is a famous American rapper and a songwriter. His birth name is Willie Maxwell. “Trap Queen” is the first single by Wap. His first single peaked at a second position on Hot 100 in 2015. After his debut single became hit, he signed deals with Atlantic Records and 300 Entertainment. His singles “My way” and “679” secured good positions in Top 10 chart. These singles werereleased in 2015. These singles attained top positionin Billboard 200.“Fetty” means money.So, his name comes from his talent for money-making. “Wap” is added as a tribute to Guwop.

Early life

Maxwell was born in New Jersey. His birthday was on June 7, 1991. He was born with a diseasecondition called glaucoma, whichaffects eyes. He is fitted with the ocular prosthesis in his left eye.But he decides to remove his ocular prosthesis later.Fettysang songs at Sunday prayers in church. He is a drum player, and he has participated in school competitions. He decided to discontinue his studies. He was involved in drug deals. He became homeless. From 2013, he showed interest in rap music. Other than rap music, he is also interested in songs.

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Personal Life

Fetty has six children. They include Eliza and ZywithLehzaeZeona, Aydinwith his girlfriend Ariel Reese, Khariwith artist MasikaKalysha, Alaiya with Alexisand Lauren with Turquoise Miami.

In 2019, he married Leandra Gonzalez, a model.

Fettyis charged with many cases including defamation, assault, copyright infringement and property damage.


He started rap music to escape from poverty. From a site Sound click, he began to experiment with various beats. He made a rap beat that makes him famous.The foundation beat of “Trap Queen” was discovered by Tony Fadd, the Belarusian musician.Fettyseeks the help of NittGritt who was the owner of a record label – RFG.Fetty recorded the beat in 2014.The song became an instant hit.

Trap Queen attained platinum status. It has 675 million views on YouTube.A cocaine selling woman is its main character, and vocal delivery is used in the songs. His next super hit was “679”. It was not popular as Trap Queen. But it also reached the fourth position in Hot 100. This song is Fetty’s favourite song. 679represents Birthday of Fetty.

His next popular song is “My Way”. It was released in 2015. It has reached the seventh position in Hot 10. His three songs enter in the top twenty spots. Fitty’s concurrent singles occupy the top ten spots.

He became a millionaire by 2015. He has collaborated with other rappers such as Nicki Minaj and French Montana.

Fetty combines rap music with songs. He has similarity with Future in his melodies and can be compared to Drake in rap music. He was mainly influenced by Gucci Mane. His specific style makes him distinct from others.


He was nominated two times for Grammy Awards. His both nominations are for the year 2016.  He has won many awards including MTV Music Awards and American Awards for Music.

Net Worth

His net worth is $8 million. His main revenue is from rap music. He has signed many deals with prominent labels.

Other Ventures

He has an investment in the stock market. He released a mobile game based on street racing.

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