Fitz Net Worth

Cameron McKay was born on eighteenth September 1996, and he is most prominently recognizable in the online environment as Fitz. He is originally from New Zealand, and he is a YouTube personality originally from Melbourne who is very identifiable for his entertaining gaming videos. He has a group in YouTube where he collaborates with his five other YouTube friends, whom he has named the Misfits. He mainly focuses on keeping things lighthearted and also puts a considerable emphasis on comedy. He is often also prominent for playing games such as Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, CS:GO, and Fortnite.

Early Life

Cameron commenced his work on YouTube by doing Let’s plays for DayZ, CS: GO, Battlefield, and H1Z1. He also creates several compilations of funny videos with subtitles that focus on jokes that people make while playing. Ever since Cameron came across tubers that are very much more significant than him, he could collaborate with them and make videos that helped him take his channel to new heights. The Fitz channel has started becoming bigger in 2016 June, and he ended up gaining over forty-five thousand subscribers in twenty days. In September, he ended up gaining over a hundred thousand subscribers. He still makes funny moment compilations which he releases monthly with some of his friends.

Career Beginning

His main channel is very prominent for making humorous analyses on several gameplay videos. He mostly came to prominence after he started working with other YouTube personalities. His other media uploaded footage that was cut out, including bloopers and neglected footage. Fitz has also been accounted as one of the shortest spanning YouTube careers. He possesses over a million Twitter followers and is also prominent on Instagram with over a million followers. His YouTube following ranks up over six million, and he is also recognizable as Good Guy Fitz. The name of his second channel is Also Fits, and his first uploaded video was named Reacting to Myself Freestyle Rapping in 2018 July. After this skit, he has done regular videos, and he reached over two million subscribers in 2020 February. He has helped co-host a podcast program with his friends’ named Misfits. Most of his videos revolve around massive multiplayer battle royal and shooter games. His compilation of videos where he interacts with people on CSGO voice chat have been viral and acted as a catalyst for his popularity.

Personal Life

Carson was dating Katerina, but he ended up unfollowing her and fits on Twitter after a few days. Carson then went on Reddit to solidify the rumors that Katerina was cheating on him with Cameron. He then ended up jeopardizing their career, but he later apologized for it. Cameron also opened up on Twitter to issue an apology to Carson. 2021 January rumors from Chad Roberts cleared the situation on a live session on Instagram. Chad said that Carson and Kate were never dating, and the whole situation was a plain fabrication. Carson was also entirely fine with Cameron dating Katerina.

Net Worth

Fitz has a current average and approximate net worth of about 1.3 million, and he has accumulated this wealth from his YouTube videos. Some of his uploads have gone massively viral, and he has also collaborated with other YouTubers. The recent fabricated controversy was also a significant boost to his channel but impacted Carson in many ways.

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