Fred Savage Net Worth

Fred is known as Frederick Aaron Savage. He got more famous for his character, which was known as Kevin Arnold. He had done many Television series as well as Movies in his career. He got more love from doing the Wonder Years from 1988 to the year1993. Many awards facilitated him, and he was nominated for many prestigious awards. He made a break from the television series, but he was back with The Grinder, In the Netflix Friends from College. 

Early Life

Fred is known as Frederick Aaron Savage. He was born in 1976 on the 9thof July; He was born in Chicago in Illinois in the U.S., who took him to Joanne Savage and Lewis Savage. His father is a real estate then the industrial area and also a consultant. His mother is a typical housewife. He grew up in Glencoe, which is Illinois. He had younger siblings who were also in the Musician his tiny brother, Ben Savage. By profession, he is a musician. He had a minor sister whose name was Kala Savage. She is also in the field of the Musician. His ancestors migrated from Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Latvia. By religion, he is a Reform Jew. He had completed his schooling at the Brentwood School, which was a co-educational school. This school was situated in the Westside area of Los Angeles County. He completed his graduation from ford University in the year1999; He completed his bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He is the component of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.


His first television appearance in the show, whose name was Morning Star. At a very television, he appeared in the front. He had seen in many shows such as The Boy Who Could Fly, Dinosaurs, and several television shows such as The Twilight. He gained more attention by doing the film as the character of Grandson in the movie known as The Princess Bride. He paired with Peter Walk in that movie. In the year1988, he played the role for which got more stardom in the film known as The Wonder Years. For this movie, he was awarded Golden globe. And won two Emmy for the best Outstanding Lead Actor in the comedy series. He was the youngest actor to receive these awards at the age of 13. He had appeared in several movies such as Little Monsters, The Wonder Years, and many more. He had emerged as the guest appearance in 1990 and 2000. He had made the voice in many cartoon movies such as Family Gun, Kim possible, making him more famous. He had given the vote in the Famous Cartoon Oswald; He had also been directing lines since 1999. He had produced many television series.

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Personal Life

In his personal life, he got married to his long-time love. She was her childhood love. Her name is Jennifer Lynn Stone; The couple got married in the year2004. The couple got blessed with a boy in the year2006. Then they are blessed with a daughter in the year2008. They named their son Philip and their daughter named as Lily.

Net Worth

The Net Worth Of Fred Savage Is All Total of $14 million through his movies and the television series.

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