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When the weather outside is miserable, most of us don’t want to go out. Enjoy the time spent with your family indoors with these fun family activities:

Build a Blanket Fort

If you have young children why not help them build a blanket fort? Children love to build forts, and you can be part of the fun! All you need is a few blankets and some chairs. Inside the fort, host a tea party for your dog or cat, bring in a few of their favorite toys and create a cozy reading den. If you have enough space, why not make a picnic lunch to eat together in the fort? You can pretend you are on a camping trip or other adventure.

Have Story Time

A great way to bond with the family over the winter months is by having a scheduled story time. There are many classics that you can choose from. Children of all ages love being read to, or taking turns reading as a group. Local libraries carry a wide selection of books that can be borrowed for little or no cost. If you can’t find the specific book you’re looking for, you can always order it online or from a book store.

Build a Gingerbread House

One of the best parts of growing up is building a gingerbread house with your parents! You can start this tradition with your own family this year. Most grocery stores have gingerbread house kits that will provide you with everything you need. If you like to do things completely from scratch, you can always buy the ingredients separately.

Play Games Together

Depending on the age of your children, there are several ideas for games you can play together. There are board games for children of all ages to choose from. Also, some simple games with a deck of cards can be fun. If you don`t remember the rules for a card game, you can look them up online. Playing games together is a way to spend quality time together and communicate in a relaxed atmosphere.

Treasure Hunt

If you want to be a little creative with your children, make up clues for them to follow and hide a simple reward at the end of the game. You can find helpful tips for creating your clues  by doing a little research online.

Cooking Together

When you are less rushed in the kitchen, propose a cooking project with your family. It can be a simple dessert or full meal kits Dublin, depending on their capabilities and your patience! meal, depending on their capabilities and your patience! Do you have some favourite simple recipes in your cookbook or personal collection? If you need ideas, look up recipes for kids of a specific age. Children will enjoy helping to create a special dish and sharing it with their family.

Host an Indoor BBQ

When most people think of BBQ, they think of the summer. But you can also share some amazing grilled food with your family and friends in the winter. If you have an indoor grill you can whip up some burgers or throw on a few juicy steaks. If not, why not shovel out that grill on the back deck?

Visit an Indoor Water Park

Indoor water parks are simply amazing! When the weather outside is cold your family can enjoy the warmth of a heated wave pool or lazy river. Many indoor water parks also have slides and kiddie pools for very little children. If your budget is tight, take out a small, short term loan from a reputable lender such as They can help you pay for your adventure and you can pay it back over 90 days.

Go Bowling

Bowling is a fun indoor activity that the entire family can enjoy. Most bowling venues have games for all ages. The little ones can enjoy playing arcade games and older kids can hang out with their friends at the food court. Bowling is highly affordable and it will get your family off the sofa!

Now that you know how to have fun with your family indoors, why not get the party started? Remember that there are many different fun activities that your family can enjoy together!

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