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Gabbie Hanna Net worth

Gabbie is an internet personality. By profession, she is an internet star. She is also an actress, a singer, and a writer. She got the fandom by the social media platform such as youtube, vine. She started her career, known as “The Gabbie show .”She had written which is named Adultolescence. This book was released in the year 2017. She had entered the music industry in the year 2020. She made her single debut called Out Loud and 2wau mirror Bad Karma. This album was released on 15th May 2020.

Early Life

Hanna was brought up in Newcastle, which is in Pennsylvania. She had six siblings. She had an ancestry of the Lebanese, French, and Polish Descent. She had completed her schooling at the local school. Then, she had completed her graduation from the University of Pittsburgh. She had gained a degree in psychology and communications. When she had completed her degree, she used to work in a marketing company. She had also shifted to a new place Cleveland, Ohio. There will be the opening of the new branch of the company. She had an ancestry of Lebanese, French, and had Polish Descent. In the marketing, she had lied in a pyramid scheme.


Hanna started her career in 2013. She starts to post her videos from 2013 on Youtube. She gained recognition for her work after a long time back. She used to post her videos on the Vine App. She earned a massive number of Followers. She had five million followers. She had Youtube Channel whose name she had kept as “The Gabbie Show .”She had changed the Channel name to “Gabbie Hanna” in 2017. In the year 2015, she met her work partner Matt Steffanina. She participated in the dance reality show, where they had succeeded and won the dance competition. The name of the competitIon is Dance Shut down. When she completed had complex her graduation, she had shifted from her place. She had joined Buzzfeed. She loves to work on Youtube and make videos. From there only she took her idea to make her channel. Recently, she had 7.7 million subscribers. She got the 1.3 billion. She earned her 100k silver play button in 2015. She got her 1,000,000 gold Play button in 2016. She had achieved the pathway within a year. She earned many awards such as Best Youtube Ensemble and Ensemble Cast in the Streamy Awards.

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Personal Life

She is now in a relationship with Payton Saxon. She was in connection with her from 2019. She had made her relationship more official through Social media. Now, she had found her real partner in Saxon.

Net Worth

She holds a total net worth of $2 million. She gained her work from Youtube and previously worked for the Private channel.

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