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Gaten Matarazzo Net Worth

Gaten is an actor and he has been in many web series as well as American shows. He is just 18 years old now in 2020 and he is a very popular actor. Yes worked in many American shows and also in some series from Netflix.He has been active in his career since 2011 when he was at a very young age.

Personal life

Being of Italian decent, get is a very interesting person to meet. He was born on September 28, 2002 which makes him 18 years old now. Gaten was born with CCD. The CCD stands forcleidocranial dysostosis.In this problem, there are Supernumerary teeth. He has got these supernumerary teeth removed and they were 14. He is not a non-vegetarian and after he has got the character of Dustin in the stranger things, he has been very popular. Also, this role has well suited his personality as well.

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His career started with the black list in 2015 which was the first series that he worked into. It was a TV series and he joined in the episode number 71 named the Kenyon Family. The second series that he worked into was 2016 and it is going on till present. The name of this series was stranger things and he worked as Dustin Henderson in that series. This series has been popular worldwide and it is also available on the OTT Netflix.

After getting huge fame from the stranger things, in 2017 Gaten was also starred in ridiculousness. The role in this series was his own. He was introduced in the episode named Scarediculousness. After the ridiculousness, he was also starred in LipSyncBattle in the same year. The series was also very interesting and he joined in the episode named The Cast of StrangerThings.In 2018, he was in the series drop the mike. The role was his on and the episode name was Darren Criss v/s Gaten Matarazzo.


Gatenhas received many awards at such a little  age.At first, he was nominated for YoungArtistAwards in the category of BestPerformance in a Digital TV series or a Film – TeenActor but he did not won the award.After that, in 2017 only, he won two awards namedGuild award and Shortly Awards.After winning these two awards, he was also nominated for three more awards in the consecutive years preceding 2017.Unfortunately he did not won any of them after 2017.

Net worth

Gaten is an American actor who was born in 2002. He’s only 18 years old and still he has a $4 million net worth. He is one among the most popular teen actors in the American cinematic universe. It was 2011 when he got his first work and also earned for the first time on his own. The estimated salary of Gaten is $250,000 per episode. During the stranger things, when the second episode was introduced, he earned $30,000 per episode.

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