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George Takei Net Worth

George Takei real name is Hosato Takei. By profession, he is an Actor as well as an Activist. He had many roles, such as Hikaru Sulu in the film Helmsman. This movie was a USS Enterprise. He had done the television series which was named Star Trek. He had taken birth from the Japanese -American Parents. He had lived with his parents in an Internment Camos during World War 2. Besides acting, he had a significant role. He fought for LGBT rights for the people. 

Early Life

Takei real name is George Hosato Takei. He was born on the 20th of April 1937. He was born with the name Hosato Takei. He was born j. Los Angeles, which is in California. He was born to Japanese-American parents. He was taken to Fumiko Emily Nakamura and Takekuma Norman Takei. His father named him after King George after his coronation because he only gave them. His family suffered very much during World War 2 time. They were shifted to different camps. His relatives, aunt, and his baby cousin were living in Hiroshima. They were found burnt in Hiroshima after the atomic bombing incident took place. When they shifted to California, they had no house and no bank accounts. They used to live in Skid Row for Survival. He had completed his schooling at Mount Vernon Junior High School. He was also a member of the Boy Scout in troop 379. He had completed his graduation from the University of California. He had completed his graduation from Architecture. He had done Bachelor’s in arts in the year 1960 and had completed his Master’s in the year 1964.


He started his career in Hollywood by doing voice-overdubbing in the English Monster films. He used to dub in the Japanese such as Rodan, Godzilla Raids Again. He was seen various times in the anthology Television series such as Playhouse 90 and Perry Mason. He had done the role of George in the series known as Fly Blackbird. He had started his career in the year 1957 from the film. Known as Rodan: the flying monster in which he had played the role of Professor Kashiwagiin the voice-over only. Then frequently, he started to do films such a PT- 109, A Majority of One, Red Line 7000, The Green Berets, Which way to the front, Josie Castle, Return from the river Kawai, Oblivion, Mulan, Mulan2, The Great Buck Howard, Ninja Cheerleaders, You don’t Mess With the Zohan and many more. He was awarded the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the year1986, the Japanese American National Museum in the year2015, GLAAD Vito Russo Award in the year2014.

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Personal Life

In the year2005, he revealed that he was gay. He was in t relationship with his work partner, Brad Altman. For 18 years, they were in a relationship. In the year 2008, he announced that they would take their relationship to a bit higher level and get married in 2008. They applied for a marriage license as same-sex marriage. They revealed it by holding a press conference.

Net Worth

Take hold the total net worth of $14 million, which he had earned through his films and political career.

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