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Harmony Korine Net Worth

Harmony had made her career as a director and well as contemporary artist as well as an actor and a screenwriter. He is also very much active in the photographic structure. He is popular due to his skills in expecting the taboo Themes in photography. Moreover, his interest rate is in arts, music and fashion and advertising. He also stepped his foot in the films such as Gumm, Julien Donkey-Boy and many more movies. 

Harmony Korine’s Early Life

Harmony was brought down on the earth on 4th January 1973. He was brought down in the land of Bolinas, California. He had an ancestry of Jewish. He was taken birth from Sol Korine and Even Korine. He had a genealogy of the Iranian and also a Jewish Immigrant. His father works as a Tap dancer. He was also producing documentaries in the year 1970. When he was a small child, he watched a movie with his father that Buster Keaton rented. In his childhood, resided in the San Francisco Bay Area. Then they used shifted to another place in Nashville, which is in Tennessee. He had attended the schooling from the Hillsboro High School. His childhood was based on enjoyment and spending time involved in the fights, Living on the rooftops. He used to affect the arguments. He was brought up watching the movies of different artists such as John Cassavetes, Werner Herzog, Jean-Luc Godard, Rainer Werner. He graduated from Dramatic Writing from the New York University. 

Harmony Korine’s Career

He had initiated his career work in the year 1995. While doing skating, he was faced with faced to Photographer named Larry Clark. Larry was very much Impressed by the skills, and he was asked to compose an excellent script for him. Then he created his work known as “Kids” within the three Werks. The story was based on teenagers who had their life in the mud of alcohol and the sexual activity of the Manhattan children. The story got reviews of both bad and good. He had also done the direction of the movie which was known as Gummo. The film was totally based on Xenia which is in Ohio. The town or the city which was overwhelmed by the natural phenomenon tornado. His works include the Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy, Ken Park, Above the Below, Mister Lonely, Spring Breakers, The Beach Bum, Kids. His other work is Rebel, Snowballs, The Fourth Destinations, Curb Dance, Umshini Wam, Alone in the Woods, Snowballs and many more. As a producer, he had some the movies such as The Aluminium Fowl, Blackberry Winter, Mister lonely, The Dirty Ones. Rather than doing acting, he also wrote the boom, named A Crack-Up at the Race Riots.

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Harmony Korine Personal Life

He met with his lady love Chloe Sevigny in Washington Square Park. They were in High School at that time. Their closeness grew initially and became very strong as time passed. When he was doing the film “Kids”, they were together, but after tha, ey parted this. Currently, he is married to Rachel Simon. The couple is blessed with two children. 

Net Worth

 He holds a total net worth of $8 million which he had gained from his movies and the shows. He is very much creative, and through his creation, he had created wonders.

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