Henry Lawrence Garfield, who was known as Henry Rollins, is mainly an American musician, actor, singer, activist, comedian, and presenter. Currently, he hosts the weekly radio show on KCRW. He earned a huge name and popularity after he started his career as a musician or actor.

For all those people who are interested in knowing the net worth, personal life, family, this guide is an appropriate source to make a deal with. Henry Rollins played great roles in various popular shows. He is a great singer in some genres, i.e., alternative, metal, Hardcore punk and spoken word, etc.

Go through the early life of Henry Rollins

He was born on 13 February 1961 in Washington, D.C. He is the only child of Paul Garfield and Iris. His great-grandfather changed his first name to Henry. At the age of 3, Henry’s parents divorced, and he was raised by her mother in Washington, D.C.  In his teenage, Rollings suffered from low self-esteem and depression. In the fourth grade, Henry took Ritalin for several years to pay attention during school as he was diagnosed with hyperactivity. He went to the Bullis School, and there he started began writing.

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Career beginning

Well, Rollin started his career appearing in several movies presenting the black band Flag. The Slog Movie was his film debut in 1982. After then, he starts his career as an all-rounder by becoming an actor, writer, comedian.  There are lots of poplar films present in which Henry Rollins played a lead role. Some of the most popular films are Kiss Napoleon Goodbye, The Chase, Johnny Mnemonic, Heat and Scenes of the Crime, etc. By performing in all these popular films, he becomes more famous and popular worldwide.

Personal life of Henry Rollins

Rollins doesn’t have spiritual or religious beliefs, and that’s why he doesn’t consider himself an atheist. He experienced LSD, alcohol, and cannabis a few times in his 20’s. Henry prefers to fish in his diet mainly, and he doesn’t like beef or anything which has hooves or claws.

He thinks eating all such stuff is not really a good idea. He doesn’t have a romantic relationship since his 20’s. He himself was considered as a solitary person and had few relations outside the professional ones. Rollins has some best friends among them, one is a musician named Ian MacKaye, and another is an actor named William Shatner.

Rollins’ Net worth

In November 2020, he has a net worth of $15 million because his revenue sources are many. Some major revenue sources of Henry Rollins are his career as a musician, lead roles in movies or televisions, and several others like a comedian, writer, etc. Also, among them, all the major source of revenue is the radio program, i.e., Harmony in my Head.

Apart from the same, he performs various jobs like an advocate for LGBT rights, he has been to tours across countries for American troops. In other words, you can say that Rollins uses the platform in the right manner or direction, which he gained from the industry.

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