Herb had made his career as a Mixed martial arts referee. He was the Referee in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Besides that, he was a military and Former Fighter. He had his article in his name, which is pretty famous on ESPN.com, Fox Sports and many more websites. He had the publication which is called the Dean The Gold Standard, which are referred to in the Mixed Martial Arts. He had won numerous awards in his name as an artist and Referee.

Herb Dean’s Early Life

Herb was brought down to this earth on 30th September in 1970. He was brought down in the land of Pasadena, which is in California, US. He holds the nationality of American. At UFC 48, he was marked between Tim Sylvia and Frank Mir. But there is no specific information about his parents and his childhood period. He had a straightforward type of childhood. From their childhood period, he was more interested in the Martial arts. He got the training in his youth. But there is no specific information about the schooling that he had done. While he was playing, he once broke his arm.

Herb Dean’s Career

He had started his career in 2001, and he was more active till the year 2007. In 2004, he was the Referee in the matches between Tim Slyvia and Frank Mir for the UFC Heavy Weight Championship. While he was doing the job of his Referee, he saw that Sylvia’s arm was broken, which was his right arm of him and then he suddenly shouted that “Oh Shit, His arm was ruined. Then he had alarmed that the fight should be stopped immediately. But he continues to play despite the warning given by the Herb Dean. After being asked by the other Referee, Sylvia refused. But after the test were conducted, it was confirmed that his arm was broken . his record in the Mixed Martial Arts of him is the total matched that he has played is around five, and he had won about two matches in them, and he was knocked out in 1match. He has won many awards, Such as Fighters only Magazine in World MMA Awards for the Referee Of the Year in the year 2010,2011 and 2012 and many more awards for her work. UFC president named Dana White regarded him as the Best Referee of the year. He was the best Referee between Mike Swick and Paulo Thiago. Sometimes he had to criticise for the biased decision he had made. The same president who had praised him, sometimes he only criticised him. 

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Herb Dean’s Personal Life

There is no such information about his personal life. But the source had revealed that he had two daughters and one son. His wife’s name is not disclosed or not known. Whenever he was asked, he said that his life highlights are his children. He loved it the most.

Herb dean’s Net worth

He holds a tenet worth $2.5 million, which he had gained from the MMA and also worked as a referee. He had also won the best Referee in the era. 

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