Trading can be addictive as people want to make money all the time. While this is a good idea making that choice can become lethal. Many investors have experienced huge failure due to excessive greed. They started smoothly but over time, they cannot control the hunger. Eventually, they started placing orders with high volume and it backfired. In this article, we will not be educating you about trading skills. Lots of resources exist where one can learn the tricks but what we will be focusing is on a novel ideal. We will show you a way to pull out of deal so you can save yourself from losing capital. 

Initially, this may seem contradictory because without executing the trades no one can make a profit. However, this will be discussed in this article to clear out the confusion. If you feel excited and always want the sensation to be in the game, this reading might save a fortune. Knowing when to pull out can save an investor from an impending failure.

Stop trading in a random fashion

Retail traders are not concerned about their actions rather they are more curious to find the profitable trade signals. The fact is, traders want to take as many trades as possible. This only gets worse after losing. When they are on a winning streak, they feel as if they have conquered the world and start betting funds without analyzing the market. They believe the atmosphere is favoring them and want to reap as much benefit as possible. This is when a big loss occurs and sweeps away all their prior success. If they had been more cautious this could be avoided. Imagine what the situation would be if this occurred in a winning scenario. 

Emotions start filling up the minds and force traders to trade vengefully. They start losing control and the damage they do is irreversible. A productive break increases your efficiency way more than anticipation. If you are wondering, Microsoft once provided its Japanese employee’s one-day additional break and observed the sales reached 40% higher than the previous year. By increasing the efficiency of their employees, Microsoft managed to make steady gains in their stocks. So, do get consumed by the idea that you have to trade all day long.

Doesn’t it break the rhythm?

It does, but Forex is not about harmony. It is all about how well a person can identify trends and make strategic plans to make a profit. As the volatilities are not consistent, it is not important to maintain a steady flow of orders. Enter when the time is right and exit when there’s no money to be made. Many make this hard for themselves by following a rigid schedule. Learning to improvise is a big advantage that can turn the tables. If necessary, you can bring change to the system because the financial market is unstable. All comes down to decoding the mystery of erratic patterns to get the reward.

How can I practice this strategy?

Unlike another formula, this is a psychological technique. The mind wants to be immersed in the feeling but that is destructive. From today onwards, keep a diary and set a reminder on the trading platform. After every order, take some time off. Start with a little break and increase it slowly until the mind can cope with the gap. Follow professional blogs for tips that they have mastered long ago. In certain circumstances, repeated investment can be profitable but check the trend before making a decision. If doubt arises, simply stay away from trading.


Investment is a very sophisticated business that requires cautious steps. If you want to succeed as a trader, you should learn to deal with the critical dynamics. Keep using the practice trading session so that you can master on particular trading method. Once you become confident in your actions, you can trade with real money. But always keep your urges in control or else you will lose money like the majority of retail traders.

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