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Exponentially good business goals are focused and defined, the language that the business owner use in the process of setting this goal is crucial for those goals to be meaningful and to be sure the team understand and can follow those goals. Having a business structure and focused business goals creates a powerful force, like a magnet pulling you to accomplishing it. More power towards fulfilling the target is generated with more focus.


Every business since the very beginning must be measured in its growth. Business goals no matter how specific they are, without measurable outcomes, is like a sports competition without a scoreboard. Numbers can make or break a business; they are essential to business development. While a strategic business plan has concrete numbers, the business owners can rest assured they are on the right track. Measuring business goals are a daily reminder of what the business is thriving for, how far has come, and a where it wants to be.


Every new business owner has an concept of how he or she wants the business model to be, the ideal scenario and how big or important the dream is, far too often those business goals may be beyond reach. We are in 2019, and still, no book teaches you how to build a billion-dollar small business success story overnight, and that’s because that does not happen. Venture capitalists discard an absurd amount of small companies solely for the extreme business goal those have. By the way, this is not a dream-killer article,  dream big is, and you must aim to the infinity and beyond but keep one foot determinedly based in reality.


When a small business owner venture into the hectic world of business in the United States is an intelligent move to base the business goals based on current conditions and the realities of the financial, political and social climate. The desire to have the best first year in business, be cost-effective, increase in revenue and have a better return on investment are positive and acceptable, but if a recession is forthcoming and the competitors are rising their wings and taking place into your precious market share, then your business growth projections aren’t relevant to the reality of the market where your business resides.


Time frame helps to keep business goals and objective in mind and help the team to have them done. When the business goal process is not time constrained it just won’t get done because there are not enough incentives having strategic planning with time-frame is a must. If the business goal is to boost revenue by 30%, double the profit margin or obtain six new customers, choosing a time-frame to accomplish the business goal is a SMART decision.

As soon as the business goals are SMART, the owner and the team must break those down into a specific set of chores. This business goal is not set in stone, and they must be often revised and adjust if necessary.

Goal setting for a small business is not only necessary but a crucial tool for success.

Insurance makes your business Smarter

Do not look it as an expense look it as an investment.

Yes! An investment in your business, and your pocket safety -Did you know that when companies neglect to have a small business liability insurance policy, there are injury lawsuits filed, and if the court fails against the business owner he or she can lose his or her assets in the process?- Invest in your peace of mind. Insurance is not a subject often portrayed as exciting and not commonly talked as baseline important, therefore is frequently neglected and if not “mandatory” definitely ignored.

The reality with insurance is that is not always used but if something happened is better have it to back up all the effort, and money the business owners have invested in the business development program of a new business. There are several different kinds of insurance for small business with the sole purpose of being the safeguard of your business in case of any liability claims.

Some umbrellas insurance will cover your business up to 10 million on liability protection over and above the limits of other insurance policies for business

With a written Umbrella insurance for small business you will have :

-Business liability

-Auto liability

Worker’s Compensation

Another important fact about insurance is from when one can extract some real information. There is much content out online that is not always the most reliable one. Therefore, being able to talk with an experienced agent that is there to help you more than only to sell insurance is the best way to understand which policy is the one your business needs and have some insurance options to choose from. There are not cookie cutter policies in the market; policies must be:

-Uniquely crafted insurance quotes to meet your business needs

-From an A-rated insurance company

-With easy payment options

-The customer service should be 24/7 for any question

Remember goal setting for a small business is not only necessary but a crucial tool for success. Be SMART.

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