When you walk down the street or make your way through a shopping mall, what do you notice about each of the businesses that you pass?  Is it their brightly colored window showcases, perhaps?  Maybe it is the color of their building.  However, chances are what stands out the most is the signage that they have selected.

That is what is specifically designed to grab your attention, after all.  Perhaps that is why there has been such a resurgence in the attention given to this style of advertising.  Even though most people spend much of their time on the internet, there is still much to be said about the in-person shopping experience!

As this post articulates quite well, https://businesspartnermagazine.com/5-reasons-signage-important-for-business/, this is still something that we should care about.  I would argue that to some extent, we need to care about it if we run a brick-and-mortar establishment of any kind.  That is why I am here today.

Getting the Message Across: What you Have to Offer

There are a few aspects to signage that make it so valuable in terms of gaining more sales via higher foot traffic.  The first one I will touch upon is the fact that it gives you the opportunity to really forge your own “perfect” first impression for passersby!  Obviously, it will never be completely perfect (everyone has their own tastes), but at the least, it offers some control over the situation.

By placing your best foot forward via well-designed and intentioned signage, you can carefully curate the image that consumers will get when they first gain awareness for your brand.  Without that, though, things could easily go awry.  Consider your own feelings when you see a broken or worn-down sign with lights that no longer function – does it make that establishment appealing for you?

The answer to that question is probably “no.”  Anyone who has that sort of display on their business may want to contact a sign brokerage firm since it can have a negative impact on both foot traffic and sales.  No one wants to lose the chance to gain more customers because of something like this, right? 

Make Yourself Known

Besides helping you to make a good first impression, having accurate and eye-catching signs for your business can also help direct potential customers to where your location is!  Neon lettering seems to be particularly effective in some parts of the world like Canada, where the poppy visuals draw in pedestrians and commuters alike. 

Effectiveness, though, will come down to the quality of your pieces and how tailored they are to your specific location and needs.  That is why I tend to work with local brokers when I am seeking out a manufacturer for my signs.  Because they are familiar with weather conditions and other factors, they are able to help you to plan ahead for that to create secure installations for your building.

Wind and snow are both considerations for most Canadians in particular, as you can see on this page.  It would not be a good thing if the sign came crashing down, since that destroys the awareness that you have tried to create with it!  Therefore, having one that will stay up even in inclement weather conditions can be a big deal.

Do we Need it?

This is not a hard question to answer.  If you have a store, restaurant, or other type of physical business, you will need to have at least one sign somewhere that identifies what the building is.  That of course means that it is necessary to some extent.

Complex designs are where it becomes more of a matter of your own personal tastes and desires, rather than being a requirement.  Adornments, lighting, and the works will all be up to you.  Some of the brokers for signage can offer you with tips and tricks for what will have longevity or other perks, so never be afraid to ask them questions.  You may find that their insight is quite valuable!

So long as you offer consumers some way to identify your building and make a nice first impression on them, even the simplest signage can boost foot traffic.

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