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Andrew John Hozier Byme took birth on seventeen March 1990 and grew up in Wicklow, and his nickname is Hozier. He is a famous Irish musician, singer and well-known songwriter. He started his music from folk, blues and soul songs and the religious theme and literary theme. He started his career from Take Me to church, released in 2013. This album has been accredited multi-platinum in different countries. His second album, “debut studio album”, was released in 2014, rewarded by 6x platinum in Ireland. Then, Nina Cried Power was released in 2018 September, which is a single track; it extended one position on the Billboard Adult chart. After he delivered this next album, “Wasteland Baby”, released in March 2019, this album was rewarded with gold in the U.S. 

Early Life

Andrew John Hozier Byrne was inherent on 17 March 1990; he was initially from Bray, he was born to Raine Hozier Byrne; he was an artist, Hozier was a drummer. When Hozier was in their schooling day, he was an unfocused student, all his classmates calling him a monotonous nightmare. However, he started a job cleaning the toilet, which shows that he is a hard-working person; at the age of 15, he initiated writing songs, learned to play the guitar and sang in his school days. He completed his education at Delgany School before studying music; he visited St. Gerard’s School for recording the music he denied for taking admission to college.

Career Beginning

Hozier started his career in 2013; he was a soloist in Trinity Orchestra before getting the stardom. “Universal Music” provided him the moment to become famous after getting this, he left the Orchestra, he united with the choral ensemble in Ireland “Anuna” and got chance their titled song “La Chanson de Mardi Gras”, after he thought to start his career as a single singer, so he left the group. He got famous through the album Take Me To Church. He was awarded the Grammy nomination title in 2015, also earned European Border Breaker Award for his album. However, he takes out his second song, which is not so popular; he has been seen in various TV shows and a late-night show, also the part of the social group “Home Sweet Home”.

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Personal Life

Hozier started living in Ireland; as the rumour, he is dating actress Saoirse Ronan. She was known in media as a breaker after he dated Taylor Swift, but after they both revealed that they are only friends. He is the son of a musician; he is a small-town boy. He acknowledged that he infrequently take part in the church other than a wedding.

Net Worth

The current average net worth of Hozier is approximately 1.5 million dollars; he has accumulated most of his health from her singing career and from writing a song. He is also part of the social group; he is a famous songwriter and singer. However, most of his wealth was earned by selling music.

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