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Ian W was born on 27th July 1990, and he is a recognizable American YouTube creator and comedian. He has three channels on YouTube named IDubbbzTV, IDubbbzTV 2, and IDubbbzgames. He also has several comedy video series such as Bad Unboxing, Content Cop, and Kickstarter Crap. He made a diss track in 2017 named Asian Jake Paul, and that song has reached the Billboard R&B and Hip Hop charts on 24th spot for digital sales.

Early Life

IDubbbz is originally from LA, and he has studied at the California State University, where he graduated with a Business Management Bachelor’s Degree. He has worked at the Legoland and GAP outlets during his education period. He wanted to pursue YouTube full time, even if his parents told him to get a job.

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Career Beginning

The content cop series on IDubbbz’s channel is his most prominent series yet, and he uses it to create other creator’s behavior and content on social media. Every content cop episode focuses on a confident person and events that take place in the media. Every episode is also prominent for sparking a lot of controversy with the fan base of the creators. He has made episodes on several YouTubers such as LeafyIsHere, Keemstar, RiceGum, and Tana Mongeau. His first content cop episode targeted a YouTube personality named Jinx Reload and came out in 2015 December.

Then after a year, IDubbbz released a video on Daniel Keem, a YouTube Channel named Drama Alert, and his alias, Keemstar. The video garnered over thirty million YouTube views, and he accused Keemstar of threatening the career of prominent YouTubers with negative coverage. He also called Keemstar a bad choice-maker who does some deplorable things. Keem replied to that video by calling it entertaining and denying his attack on other channels, saying he is looking for exclusive interviews with no problems booking guests. He has also apologized for saying the N-word as a joke while presenting a DNA test result that showcased his nine percent black ethnicity.

A YouTuber named Bryan Le stated in a video in 2017 that he wanted a content cop made on him. Idubbbz then uploaded a video named Content Cop Jake Paul that gained over fifty million YouTube views. The video was not actually about Jake Paul but instead addressed RiceGum. IDubbbz called Rice an Asian Jake Paul and explained that he did not want to give Rice any satisfaction of having his face in the thumbnail or name in the title. Idubbbz made an analysis of RiceGum’s videos and showcased his seven deadly sins on the platform. The video also had a song named Asian Jake Paul, and that song has garnered over 85 million views as of now. The song was made in collaboration with Dave Brown, a YouTube personality who is known as BoyInABand. There was also H3H3’s Ethan Klein, Jack Douglass as JacksFilms, and Felix Kjellberg as PewDiePie.

Personal Life

Idubbbz is on a bond with Anisa Jomha, and they got engaged in 2021 April. They also got married in 2021 June at a wedding in Nevada, which was accompanied by an Elvis impersonator.

Net Worth

The current approximate net worth of IDubbbz is around 2 million USD.

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