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There are many methods around the world where you can enjoy and earn money. I’m sure some people have seen suspicious advertisements on the Internet or SNS that introduce, for example, “If you do this, you’ll get JPY 000,000!”

Some people are introducing virtual currencies as one of such “easy to earn” methods. This time, I would like to introduce you to what this means.

How to earn with virtual currency and bitcoin?

In order to make money with virtual currency, let’s start by knowing what virtual currency is and what kind of transactions can be done. Now it is easy to do earning with bitcoins. There are many online platforms which help you to do this easily.

What is virtual currency?

What is virtual currency in the first place? Virtual currency is a digital currency. It can be used on the Internet, and you can also send money across borders.

Until now, international remittances took time, labor, and a certain amount of fees, but virtual currencies have made possible low-cost and speedy remittances.

Also, fiat currencies such as yen and dollars have central banks that manage them, but virtual currencies do not have such a mechanism.

It is not controlled by the nation, and because it is a new currency that can be used all over the world, it attracts the attention of many investors and companies around the world.

How to buy virtual currency?

If you are interested in virtual currency, you should consider buying it. Here’s how to buy it.

In the first place, virtual currency, unlike foreign currency, is not purchased at a bank. Basically, you buy from a website on the internet called a virtual currency exchange.

However, the currencies that can be purchased differ depending on the exchange, and you can also purchase with a Smartphone application, so you must choose the exchange to use.

How to trade virtual currency?

There are several ways to trade virtual currency, so I will introduce them.

Physical transaction

In-kind trading is the most common and easiest way of trading in virtual currency. In-kind trading is basically a method of buying virtual currency and selling it when it becomes higher than the price when it was bought. Make a profit from the price difference that occurs when you buy and sell.

However, you will need money in advance to purchase currency. It is possible to purchase virtual currency from around 500 yen, but if the transaction is too small, it will be difficult to make a profit.

Therefore, it can be said that this method is suitable for those who have a certain amount of money as a source of money and are thinking of operating it.

In addition, if it is a physical transaction, it is possible to consider for a long-term investment. In fact, virtual currency prices fluctuate drastically every day, so once you buy them, you often get anxious about price fluctuations every day.

Therefore, if you can think from a long-term perspective, you may be able to operate in virtual currency while calming down a little.

The value of virtual currencies may fluctuate significantly due to the adoption of virtual currencies by large companies and the increase in services related to virtual currencies. Therefore, it is important to firmly grasp currency trends and news when conducting physical transactions.

Leverage trading Leverage trading is a method in which even if the amount of self-funding is small, you can use the leverage to trade a larger amount than self-funding.

It can be said that it is an attractive transaction that can generate a large amount of profit by being able to make a large amount of money even if it has a small amount of own funds.

On the other hand, in leveraged trading, you can make a profit if the price fluctuates in the same way as your own expectations, but if the forecast goes wrong, you may make a big loss. Therefore, it may not be a good deal for those who are new to cryptocurrency. If anything, it is a method for people who are used to grasping the trends of virtual currencies.

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