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Jack is originally known as John Anthony White, and he is popularly known as Jack White. By profession, he is an American singer, song composer, and producer. He got famous because of the duo, which is called White Strips. He had also performed in solo albums. He is an artist who for immense Success and popularity for a more extended period. He had won several awards and got nominated for many popular awards.

Early Life

Jack’s real name is John Anthony Gillis. He had ten siblings, and he was the youngest of all. He was born on the year 9th June 1975. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, present in the U.S. He attended his schooling at the CASS TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL in Detroit. His brothers had a ski-formed band which is known as the Catalyst. He wanted to learn music from his brothers, but they denied it. He had a great interest in Classical music. He said that he had a lot of interest in music, but when his brothers abandoned him, he thought he would never work in the music field. He lived to play drums when he was petite in Class1. He used to listen to many artists such as Son House and Blind Willie.


At 19 years, he started his career in the band as a Drummer in the band Gobber& the Peas. He still was the drummer in that band when the band had spilled up in the year1996. When the band split up, he used to work the solo or had to do some moonlighting in the regular or local bar. When Meghan learned to play, the duo became more successful and called White Strips. After some time, they performed in Detroit. He had worked under several genres such as Blue rocks, Garage rock revival, alternative rock, Folk, Country. He started his career in the year1994. He had also worked under several labels such as Third Man, Columbia, Warner Bros, V2, Sympathy for the Record, Industry, Italy, Sub pop.

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Personal Life

Jack and Meg worked with each other and fell in love. They soon got married on the 21st March in the year1996. But their relationship didn’t work together, and they soon parted their ways. They got filed for divorce, and soon they Got divorced on the Year24th March 2000. Jack mentioned that he never talked to Meg after the partition of White Strips. After their divorce, they never spoke with each other. He soon dated many actresses Renee Zellwegger, and then he dated and married the ml Karen Elson in the year2005 in June. The couple is blessed with a first child with a daughter and a second child with a son. He was accused of many allegations against him. He had to pay $750 and had to attend the anger management classes for his anger issues.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jack White is a total of $50 million. He is a singer and a composer, and he is talented, and he earned through his hard work and talent.

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