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Jacob Sartorius Net Worth

Jacob had made his career as a singer and internet personality. He had gained popularity by posting the video on the social media platform, which is known as Musically. He had made his debut in the Sweatshirt; the video was on the Hot 100 in the countries such as the United States and Canada. He had done many albums which were made hits by the audience. 

Jacob Sartorius’s Early Life

Jacob was brought down on this earth on 2nd October of 2002. When he was born, he was given Rolf Jacob Sartorius. He was brought down on this earth on the land of Tulsa, which is in Oklahoma, US. Though he was born in Tulsa, he was shifted to Virginia. He had moved to another city because his parents could not take of him. That is the main reason to change to a new Place which is the Reston which is in Virginia. Another couple adopted him. When he was small, he started his career in music. The age of seven was the age when he had started his career. When he was small, he had learnt that he wanted to be a musician. His videos are the Lip Syncing is present on the Vine. On that channel, he gained over 8 million followers in August 2016. But the track went through in the year 2017.

Jacob Sartorius’s Career

He had started his career in the year 2016 with an album which is known as Sweatshirt. The album was made released on the year 3rd May 2016. The album was the Number 90 on tbe US Billboard Hot 100. In 2016, he performed in the different cities, a mini-tour named All, My fds. After that, he served I,n the Seven countries in 2017. He had made his debut in the extended play, “The Last Text”. The album was made released in the year 20th January on the 2017. He had Even the attended Los Angeles, known as March for Our Lives. In 2016, he announced that he was in the Ninth Position for the most searched musical artist of the year. He had released the Album, which is known as EP Better with You. He had Done many albums such as The Last Text Ep, Left Me Hangin, Better with You, Where Have You Been, Lost But Found and many more. Some of his singles are Sweatshirt, Hit or Miss, All My Friends, Last Text, Bingo, Hit Me Back, skateboard, Cozy, Chapstick and many more.

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Jacob Sarotorius’s Personal Life

He was in a controversial matter. A person named Mashable had said that Jacob had told her to send the exposed picture to him. The screenshots were shared, which took the eye of the public. This was verified that the official account of Jacob sent the message. 

Jacob Net Worth

He had gained around $4 million which he had gained from the albums that he had made in his career timeline.  

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