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James May Net Worth

James May was born on 16th January 1963, and he is a prominent television journalist and presenter from English. He is most notable as a semi-presenter of a motor racing program named Top Gear. He presented the show besides Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson. The duration of his performance lasted since 2003 and till 2015. Afterward, he directed a production company since 2015 and till 2019. He has also co-presented an Amazon Prime show named The Grand Tour, collaborating with his former colleagues from Top Gear. He also collaborated with Andy William, a former producer from the house of Top Gear.

Early Life

May has presented many other themes and shows such as technology, science, toys, and even wine culture. He is a figure of manliness in the modern era. James has written a motoring section for The Daily Telegraph’s Weekly Column since 2003 and till 2011. James is originally from Bristol, and he was a son of a manager of an aluminum factory. He has three siblings, out of whom one is his brother and two are sisters. James has studied at the Junior School of Caerleon Endowed, which was situated in the Newport area. He has spent most of his teen life in South Yorkshire, and he studied at the Comprehensive School of Oakwood, which was situated in Rotherham. He also went to the Whiston Parish Church, where he performed as the choirboy.

May finally decided to acquire knowledge in English by visiting Lancaster University’s Pendle College. He eventually mastered the art of piano and also flute. After finishing his studies, he found a temporary employment opportunity as a records officer at the Chelsea Hospital and also has done civil service for a short period.

Career Beginning

During the early 1980s, May has been employed in The Engineer as a sub-editor and has written for Autocar magazine. There he finally got fired because he performed a writing prank. Since then, James has written for several renowned publications, including a column in Car Magazine in England Made Me section as a regular writer. He has also made contributions in the Top Gear magazine with a regular weekly column with the publication of The Daily Telegraph. He is also a book writer and has written May on Motors which he released in 2006, and it is his collection of articles that he published, and he has also helped write James’s Big Wine Adventure with Oz that he released in the year 2006.

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Personal Life

James May is currently residing in the West London area with Sarah Frater, an art critic. He has been in connection with Sarah since 2000, and he has achieved a doctorate in 2010 from Lancaster University. That was the same university where James previously went to pursue music. He also holds a degree of Doctor of Letters. May became one of the signatories to send a request against Scotland’s independence bill, requesting separation from the United Kingdom. He has also backed in support of the EU referendum, which has described him as a liberal. May has brought a pub situated in Swallowcliffe named The Royal Oak, originally from the eighteenth century and is now rated as a Grade 2 Pub.

Net Worth

James May has a current net worth of forty million, and he has earned a lot of it from his passion for talking about cars. He has written several best-selling books, has presented widely prominent shows, and has done various movie productions.

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