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James Rolfe Net Worth

Born in the year 1980, July 10. He is an American director, producer, and YouTube artist. He is known as one of the best content creators on YouTube. He is well-known for retro gaming websites Angry video game nerd. He also works in many old films, television series. He inspired many youngsters to make videos that should be different from others and make them on the internet.

Early Life

He brought was in southern New Jersey. On his birthday, his parents gifted him the camera, so he went on to shoot his friend’s fight which was inspired by “The Legend of Zelda and Teenage Mutant Ninja”. He has illustrated many comic books which were updated monthly. Gradually he increased to shoot short films. He has taken classes for animation at the university. Rolfe has attended the University of the Arts and attended a bachelor’s in fine arts.


The turning point of his life was the film which is” A night of total terror “. This movie was shot in the backyard of his house. By 1990, he has created many horror-based films. He has made many movies which, some of which he created was THE HEAD INCIDENT. This movie was completed but didn’t get released until its 10th anniversary. In 2009, he released The head incident. He took a break from movies because he starts hallucinating that the camera follows even in his dreams. He had even bus voice in the Suburban knights, late night with drag more. Some of his documentaries are Never sleeping again, His name was Jason. He was a writer, actor. He had done many movies and wrote many scripts for many movies. Every year his films or any short films get released. He acted in some films and support actors or enter cameo roles in the movies.

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Personal Life

In the year 1999 to 2004, he attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After graduation, he still lives in his birthplace that is Philadelphia. In 2004, Rolfe met with a severe accident that hit hard him his head. There was not much physical injury. In 2009, he met with April Churma in the year 2004, where she was the cinematographer on the nerd episodes. From there they started dating and got hitches in the year 2007. Then and there they announced another episode of the angry video game nerd which should be released in the year 2012, November. In the year 2013, Rolfe became the proud father of the baby girl. He has posted some of the pictures of his baby girl and thanked her wife for bringing such you into his life. Although after some complications, their baby girl was alright and led a happy life.

Net Worth

James has a net worth of around 600 thousand dollars which he earned through youtube and films, writing scripts, and the profession he worked.

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