Jamie Chua Net Worth

Jamie Chua was brought down in this world in 1975. She is a well-known entrepreneur and a social media star. She had a tremendous fan following on her social media account. She had the Youtube Channel, which had more than 100k subscribers. She is invited into many prestigious gatherings such as Paris Fashion Week and more.

Early Life

Jamie was born in Singapore on the 24th of October 1975. She was born in a very ordinary family who had average expenses. The name of her parents is still not revealed. But she had three siblings. Her father works as a travel agent, and her mother is a housewife. During her childhood time, her family struggled a lot for their survival. Their source of income was not that high, and they often got a shortage of money. She has done her schooling at the High School of Singapore. She was only 15 years old when she had started modelling. At that time, she was at the National University of Singapore for her later education. She holds the religion of Buddhism and follows it properly.


She has chosen her career in modelling rather than any career option of being a doctor, engineer, or anything else. During her college time, she used to work a part-time job for her handful of money. She had a great ambition of teaching the model; for that, she should attend the Mannequin Studio. For attending the school, she had deposited the wholesome money of $800, for which his parents disapproved. They initially opposed it by thinking it was a waste of money. But later, they agreed and lent her the money. She had to attend the modelling classes after her college. At the age of 17, she had become the air Stewardess in Singapore Airlines. She was in the Airlines for three years. During these years, she met with her husband. In 2016, she had Youtube where she posted about her Wardrobe your which went viral within no time. From 2016 to2022, Her Youtube Channel had more than 6 million views. Her channel. She usually posts on her social media account and also on the Youtube Channel. She gives the day-to-day routine to her fans and her followers. She is the owner of the Skincare brand, which was known as Luminous. Jamie Chua and Sharon Tang founded the company in the year 2015. The company produces high-quality skincare products a very affordable prices. Their company had launched many products from the range section of $79 to $439. She had She founded the “The Closest Raider,” which was available for the needy to gain home. By collaborating with RARA, she had launched her Own doll company, which was known as Non-Fungible Token.

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Personal Life

She got married to Guardian Cuaca. She met with when she was in the Airlines. When she met him, he was not that rich and was an average company employee. Their divorce news went viral around the globe. She was bossed with two children, one daughter and one son named Calista Cuaca and Cleveland Cuaca. Now she is in relation with Terence Koh. 

Net Worth

She holds a total net worth of $340 million by her business which she owned. 

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