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Jason Aldean Net Worth

Jason Aldean is a name that needs no introduction as he immensely famous Singer who mainly focuses on Country Music and has a massive fan base all over America. He has been signed to the label since 2005, and his name is ‘Broker Bow Records.’ He has released more than 35 single tracks and around nine albums under the same label. One of his albums, ‘My Kinda Party’ got certified as a quadruple-platinum by RIAA. There are several albums that are certified Platinum as well as double-platinum. He has released over 35 singles, and out of them, 24 tracks have ranked at the top in Country Airplay charts or Hot Country Songs.

Early life

Jason Aldine Williams is his full name, and his birthdate is February 28, 1977. He took birth in Macon, Georgia, and was raised by his mother alone as his parents got divorced when he only three. His father lived in Homestead, Florida, and he used to visit him every summer. His father uses to leave for work while he stayed at home and trying to play different chords on guitar mapped out by his father in a notebook. He also played guitar along with his father, which increased his interest in music.

His parents were quite supportive regarding his passion for music and always motivated him to do better. At the age of 14, he placed a wish of performing on a stage after seeing country-music awards. His mother fulfilled his wish by making him give a performance at the Local hall of fame in Macon. After that performance, he started singing at several shows, fairs, and contests.

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Career beginning

Jason kicked off his career in the year 1998 after finishing high school. He founded a band, and with some assistance from his father, he performed at several places with the band and started gaining some popularity. He wrote some original songs and performed some of them at an Atlanta nightclub function. He was noticed by Michael Knox, who was from Warner-Chappell company. Jason got signed up by them and moved to Nashville in November 1998 to build up his career.

He struggled a lot in his career as most of the recording contracts he got were dropped later on. He finally decided to set a deadline of six months, and if he would not be able to get any contract in the time period, he will return back to Georgia. After five weeks, he got a contract from Broken Bow Records in Nashville. Then he released his debut album and never looked back.

Personal life

On August 4, 2001, he got hitched to Jessica Ann Ussery, and they both have two daughters. Their first child was born in 2003, and the second was born in 2007. Jason and Jessica filed for divorce on April 26, 2013.

Net worth

Jason Aldean Net worth is obvious to be high as he is a successful singer and songwriter. But if we talk about figures, it is around $80 million. Aldean made more than $1 million per city while touring for his seventh album. He did almost 55 shows during that tour.

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