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Jenna Owens radio host, personal life, career and net worth

The famous radio host Jenna Owens, the anchor of “Тhе Кіdd Кrаddісk Моrnіng Ѕhоw,” is one of the well-known celebrities. Though she has worked for television, she has gained popularity because of her work on the radio.  This diva is widely known for its amazing fashion sense and super-smart personality. She also associates herself with animal and social welfare activities. 

In the year 2020, this lady has accumulated a lot of wealth. This write-up is all about her personal, professional, and net worth details.

  • Get to know more about Jenna’s childhood.

Jenna was born in the year 1984 on 9th May in Сіnсіnnаtі, Оhіо, UЅА. She was born to Candy, and her dad’s identity remains a secret. Jenna played soccer as a child, and she grew up to be a very smart and stubborn kid. As she grew up, she started focusing a lot on her studies and completed her degree in Journalism from Міаmі Unіvеrѕіtу.

  • Who was she in a relationship with?

Jenna was in a relationship with Alex for a very long time, and they got into a committed relationship in the year 2016. They both got engaged, and soon after, in the year 2017, the engagement was called off. The reasons stated were completely vague, and no one actually knows the true reason.  It looks like she had really fallen in love with Alex; ever since then, Jenna has been single. This 36-year-old beautiful lady is 1.78 m tall and weighs 62 kg as on date.

  • Everything about her career

Jenna immediately joined the television station while she was still studying at Miami University. She soon realized that she was fascinated more about radio than television.  Her career just took off from there, and she became an extremely famous radio host on the radio. Her show was running beautifully until Кіdd Кrаddісk passed away in the year 2013. 

While a lot of people that the show would suffer, it happened otherwise. The show became a major success, and that was all because of Jenna and her hard work. Along with this show, Jenna started to host shows on the TV as well. She hosted the popular show, Dіѕh Nаtіоn” frоm thе уеаr 2012 to 2016. Because of her voice, a lot of people listened to the “Тhе Кіdd Кrаddісk Моrnіng Ѕhоw” even after the death of Kraddick. There aren’t many accolades or awards to appreciate Jenna, but, her voice reached a million hearts, and a lot of people started falling in love with it.

Do you know about Jenna’s net worth?

As on date, the overall net worth of Ms. Owens is recorded to be $6 mіllіоn.  Her net worth and profit, all of it come from her being a radio artist. Majority of the money has been accumulated while she hosted the “Тhе Кіdd Кrаddісk Моrnіng Ѕhоw.” However Jenna annual salary is not yet revealed.

She was paid handsomely for this show, and that’s the main reason behind the accumulation of her wealth. Well, to achieve success and fame, Jenna’s life is a classic example. The dedication towards her work has helped her to accumulate not just wealth but also popularity as a celebrity.

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