Jeremy Allen White Net Worth

Jeremy had made his career as an actor and also a television actor. He had played many roles in the movie and the television series. He had played the role of Phillip Lip Gallagher in the Showtime Series named Shameless. He had seen in many films such as beautiful Ohio, The Speed of Life, Afterschool, Twelve, and after Everything. For his work, he has won awards in many categories.

Jeremy Allen White’s Early Life

Jeremy was brought down in the year 1990 or the year 1991. The exact date is not mentioned. He was brought down on this earth in Brooklyn, in New York in the US. After his parents’ meeting, his parents shifted to New York to pursue their careers in acting. After they had met, the couple got married, dating each other for many years. His parents were both career-oriented and very much They were dedicated to their career. This helps in the career-building of Jeremey. They both were working to settle their family on a good note. When White was in school, he was more into dancing, and he knew the best dance of Ballet, Jazz and Tap. When he was only 13years old, while he was in high school, he went to the School dance program. After going there, he changed his perception of his thoughts, and he wanted to choose acting over dancing. And there, he got the chance to play the character of the Philip Lip Gallagher in the series named Shameless.

Jeremy White’s Career

In the beginning, he got the chance to meet the role of the Young Clive at the front, which was named Beautiful Ohio in the year 2006. After that, he got the opportunity to play the character of the Dammer in the film, which was known as The Speeder of Life. He got inspiration from his parents as they are more into movies and acting. Slowly he was the more into the films, and he played a different characters from each other. This gives the knowledge of him to study and observe the feeling that he wanted to Play. He had played the character of Robert Uva, Smiler and may more characters. He had played the character rod, Bobby, in the movie named Bad Turn Worse, which was released in the year 2013. Some of his films are Beautiful Ohio, The Speed of Life, Afterschool, Twelve, The Time Being, Movie 43, You Can’t win, After Everything, Chasing You, Vienna And The Fantomes, The Rental, and The Birthday Cake. He has also appeared in some television series Conviction, Law &Order, Law &Order: Special Victims, shameless, Homecoming, and The Bear.

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Jeremey White Personal Life

Jeremy had married the love of his life, Addison Timlin. They got married on the 18th October on, 2019. The couple Was blessed with two daughters born in October 2018, and the other one was born in December 2020.

Jeremy White Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $3 million which he had gained from the films he had made in his career timeline. For his work, he has also been nominated for the movie that he had made. He was nominated for the shameless In the Critics Choice Television Award for thr Best Supporting Actor in 2014. He had also won the Golden Raspberry Award for the Worst Screen Combo and many more awards to come in his career.

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