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Jeremy Piven Net Worth

Jeremy Samuel Piven is an American Actor who was born in year26th July 1965. By profession, he is an actor, comedian, and Producer. He had done many shows for which he got recognition, such as Entourage. He was facilitated with many awards such as Golden Globe Award and more prestigious awards. He had done the drama which name is Mr. Selfridge. He had also Played Spence Kovak character in the film Ellen.

Early Life

Piven took birth in the year 1965 on 26th July. He was born in New York City. In the U.S., He was raised in Manhattan by a Jewish family of Ukraine. He was taken to Bryne Piven and Joyce Hiller Piven. His sister is a director, and his brother-in-law is a producer. His sister’s name is Shira Piven, and his brother in law name is Director Adam Mckay. He spent his childhood at Evanston Township High School. He had attended the attended l Harand Theater Camp which was present in Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin. He had followed the role of Bernardo in the West Side Story in the theatre, which his parents founded. He had completed the Drake University, which was Des Moines, Iowa. 


In the beginning, he had played the role of Spike in the film known as Lucas, which was released in 1986. His rile became more critical, and after that, he got many parts and got the central component for The Larry Sanders Show. He was playing the role of the Head writer, whose name was Jerry. He had also played the role of George Costanza in the show, whose name was Seinfield episode. He had done many hit films such as Grosse Pointe Blank, Singles, Very Bad Things, The Black Hawk Down, The Kingdom, Heat, Old School, Rock and Rolla, Smokin’ Aces. He had done the guest appearance in the movie, which was known as Rush hour. He had won Primetime Emmy Awards for the best supporting character in the comedy series. He had won this title 3times. He had a recent show which was aired in the Year 2017-2018. The name of the show was Wisdom of the Crowd.

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Personal Life

He was seen in the Travel Channel show, which was named Jeremy Piven Journey of a lifetime. Recently, he lived in Malibu, which is present in Malibu, California. He loves to play drums, and he is a part of the Rock band whose name is Umphrey MC Gee in the year2004. He is lives with pets, and he also has a pet whose name is Stella. In the year2017, he was accused of sexual assault by an actress whose name is Ariane Bellamar. She accused Piven of groping her and improper touching.

On the contrary, Piven had stated that the allegations made against him were false and had no fact in reality. For this issue, some actors came in support of Piven and while some were against him. In the same year, he took a Polygraph test, and the American Polygraph Association held it. For that time, CBS decided not to air the show, known as Wisdom of the Crowd.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Piven is around $5 million. He earned it through his shows and his film career.

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