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Jerry Rice Net Worth

Jerry Rice was born on thirteen October 1962, and he is a prominent professional football player from America. He has played for the NFL, where he held the position of a wide receiver. He has also played for the San Francisco 49ers and also for the Mississippi Valley State college football. He was selected in the team of 49ers in 1985, and it was the first overall NFL draft. He was the sixteenth selection, and he spent sixteen seasons for the team. He has also formed a membership with Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders. He has held numerous records, awards, and accomplishments. He is widely documented as one of the best wide receivers in the history of the NFL.

Early Life

Jerry is originally from Starkville, and he grew up in the town of Crawford. His father was a brick mason, and he has studied at the BL Moor High. His mother did not permit his participation in the school freshman year, so he decided to try it in the sophomore year. The principal noticed Jerry’s exceptional speed, so he decided to put Jerry in a team. Rice has also been on track and field team for the same school and played basketball for a short while.

Career Beginning

Rice went to the University of Mississippi state, and he stayed there till 1984. Afterward, he commenced his standup receiving duty and operated the nickname of World due to him missing everything near him. Rice played with Willie Totten, the redshirt freshman quarterback in the first season in 1982. Rice shifted passes for over a thousand yards and has caught more than sixty-six passes that same year. Totten and Rice formed a team, and they started becoming prominent as the satellite express. And they have broken several records for the NCAA in Archie Cooley’s spread offense, and they were named The Gunslingers. Rice set a record for 102 receptions over 1400 passes in NCAA in 1983, and he was named an All-American first division double-a. He has also gained a single-game record from NCAA for receiving over twenty passes against Southern University from Louisiana. As a senior, he broke the reception records and received over 1800 yards. His touchdown record in 1984 was 27, set in NCAA for every possible football division. Rice was a member of the Phi Beta Sigma and at the Delta Phi chapter while living in the Valleys.

Personal Life

Jerry is married to Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell, and they filed a divorce in 2007 after having three children together. Rice has been a golf player for 20 years, and he played it early in the morning when he was still keeping his football career consistent. He received an exemption from a sponsor to play in the tournament, and he missed the cut after failing to finish one last shot ahead. He has also competed in The Big Break, where he acted as the captain and helped the team win.

Net Worth

The current average and approximate net worth of Jerry Rice is about 50 million dollars. He has competed in many places around USA and Mexico. He has helped several teams secure wins in competitions and championships.

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