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Jet Li was born on twenty-sixth April 1963, and he is most prominent with his Singaporean stage name, Jet Li. He is a well-known film producer, actor, Wushu champion, and martial artist. He is originally from Beijing and has had three years of training with Wu Bin, a Wushu teacher. He retired from playing competitive Wushu at the young age of nineteen and won great acclaim in China as a lasting actor. He made his breakout from a movie named Shaolin Temple and also starred in numerous martial arts movies that were critically acclaimed. He has served as an actor in many other praised martial arts movies such as Fist of Legend, Hero, and Once Upon a Time in China.

Early Life

Jet Li is originally from Beijing, and he was the youngest in his family of two girls and two boys. His father departed when he was just two years old, and then his family started living in poverty. Li was just eight years old when his talent was noticed for Wushu as he was practicing at a summer course. He also has attended a wushu event that was non-sparring that he followed by joining the Beijing Wushu Team. He did displays of Martial Arts at the All-China Games, and he was trained by Li Junfeng and Wu Bin. Wu Bin also brought protein-rich food to the homes of Jet Li to help him develop his body and protein intake. He competed thoroughly against adults, and he was the only national champion from 1975 till 1979 all around. According to Li, he was asked to be the personal bodyguard of Nixon, but he declined the offer to consider the military option. Li has mastered several Wushu styles successfully, including the sort of Northern Longfist. He has also done studies on several other types of martial arts prominent in China.

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Career Beginning

Li gained significant prominence because of his sports career, which helped him establish a successful career in martial arts movies. He began from mainland China, and he continued his passion across Hong Kong. Li finally found his screen name in the Philippines in 1982, and a public company created a character because his real name was difficult to pronounce. They often linked his movie career to an airplane, and it took off just as quickly. His speed and grace during his earlyWushu career when he was recognizable for his swiftness and grace.

His movies, The Shaolin Temple, were considered the birth giver to the real Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng. He also performed in a film named Once Upon a Time in China, where he portrayed Wong Fei Hung, a legendary Chinese folk master.

Personal Life

Li practices Tibetan Buddhism, and he was trained by his mater, LhoKunsang. Li married Huang Qiuyan in 1987, and she was a Kids FromShowlin star and Beijing Wushu Team member. She also has two daughters named Si and Tami, but they ended up divorcing two years later. She also soon married Nina Li Chi, a Hong Kong actress, in 1999, and he also has two children with her, Jane and Jada.

Net Worth

Jet Li’s current approximate net worth lies around 250 million USD.

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