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Jim Belushi Net Worth

James Belushi was born on 15th June 1954 and he is a prominent comedian and actor from America. He is prominent for performing in a sitcom named According to Jim which ran till 2009. He has also appeared in Real Monsters, Wild Palms, Twin Peaks, and Show Me a Hero. He has also made appearances in Trading Places, Thief, The Principal, Salvador, About Last Night, Red Heat, Real Men, K-9, Curly Sue, Mr. Destiny, Jingle Way, Guardian of the Universe, Gang Related, The Ghost Writer, Underdog, Joe Somebody, Katie Says Goodbye, and K-911. He is the father of Robert Belushi, the actor, and is the younger brother of John Belushi, a prominent comedian. 

Early Life

Belushi is originally from Chicago and he was born to Adam Anastos Belushi and Agnes Demetri Belushi. His parents were immigrants originally from Korce and they raised James in Wheaton. He also has three siblings, John the older brother, Marian the older sister, and Billy the younger brother. He went to DuPage college after he finished his graduation from Wheaton Central High in 1972. They graduated with a Speech and Theatre Bachelor’s and he achieved it from University Carbondale of Southern Illinois. 

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Career Beginning

Belushi first commenced his experience from a youth Chicago theatre group named The Second City. He also made his breakout from Who is Watching the Kids in 1978 on television and then played a small part in The Fury from Michael Mann. After the death of his elder brother, he started performing in SNL where he played the role of Hank Rippy and The White Guy. He has also made appearance as a drunk man in gorilla costume in a movie named Trading Place. He has performed in Faerie Tale Theatre as a guest in Pinocchio’s third season episode that starred Paul Reubens. Belushi also has done performances for supportive roles in About Last Night Salvador, The Man with One Red Shoe, and also Little Shop of Horrors. These shows helped him open lead role opportunities and they all released in 1986. He has also acted in movies such as The Principal, Real men, Red Heat, K-9, Homer and Eddie, Abraxas, Dimenticare Palermo, Guardian of the Universe, Taking care of Business, Curly Sue, Mr. Destiny, Wild Palms, Once upon a crime, Jingle Destiny, Race the Sun, Retroactive, Separate Lives, Angel’s Dance, Gang Related, and also Joe Somebody and some of these released in 2001. 

Personal Life

Belushi has married two women and his first marriage was in 17th May 1980 with Sandra Davenport. He has a son with her named Robert James and the couple divorced in 1980. Belushi has also been married to Marjorie Bransfield and they have two children together. He is linked to the heritage of Albania and he has received the honorary citizenship of the country. He also has met the Albanian President and he was awarded the Decoration of Honor of The Nation. Belushi is a supporter of Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Fire, and Chicago Bulls. 

Net Worth

Jim Belushi has a current average and approximate net worth of fifty million dollars and he is an American comedian, actor, musician, and singer. He has been in the business since the 1980s and he has collaborated with several big media organizations and comedians. 

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