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Joey Badass Net Worth

Joey was brought down on this earth I’m 20th January 1995. He had kept his name as Joey for his stage performance. He holds his chosen as the Rapper and a singer and an actor. He was in the Pro Era. He had released the three mixtapes as well as many solo songs. He made his debut in the year 1999. He got famous for one of his songs. He had made many albums such as All amerikkan badass, B4, Da $$, and many more. He had collaborated his work with many other artists that helped in the publicity of his career.

Early Life

When he was born, he was given Jo- Vaughn Virginie Scott. He is also known as the JayOhVee, JozifBadman, and Joey B. He scored for the first in New York City. He was the first Caribbean to come into the United States. His maternal side Was from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. He was cried for the first time in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. Though he was raised in Brooklyn, he was raised in the Bed Stuy. He had done his schooling at the Edward R. Morrow High School. When he was there, he acted, but slowly his interest in the tapping gradually increased over time. In that, he had kept his name as JayOhVee, and they changed into Joey Badass. Besides rapping, he wrote down poems at Avery mild age of five. 


In 2010, he had put down the videos, which are freestyle videos. The video was put down on the site of World Star Hip Hop. Then after he posted the videos, it was in the sight of the Johnny Shipes. He was the president of Cinematic Music Group. In 2012, he released his song, known as Survival Tactics, from his Youtube channel. Then he released their Mixtape, which was known as The Secc$ Tape. In the year1999, he had done his solo performance. The sing was available only on some sites, such as Spotify and Apple Music 2018. The song that got released was named the Best Mixtape in 2012 by the HipHop Dx. He had worked under the labels such as Pro Era, Cinematic, Red Columbia, Relentless. He had also celebrated with other artists such as Action Bronson, DJ premier, Smoke DZA, static Selektah, XXX Transaction. In 2020, he had released another album known as The Light Pack.

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Personal Life

He got arrested for breaking and assault charges. He had broken the nose of the security guard. This incident occurred in the Falls Festivals, held in Byron Bay, which was present jn the new South Wales. 

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $6 million, which he got from his rapping and acting career. 

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