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John Mellencamp Net worth

John J. Mellencamp was born on seven October 1951. He was known as Johnny Cougar John Cougar, and John Cougar Mellencamp is a famous American musician, singer-songwriter, painter, actor, and film director. He is prominently known for the catchy brand of heartland rock. His name was announced for 13 Grammy Awards, and he won one award.

Early Life

Mellencamp was born on 7 October 1951. He was originally from Seymour, Indiana. At the age of 14, he set up his first band, Crepe Soul; after that, he worked for many brands, i.e., Trash, Snakepit Banana Barn, and the Mason Brothers. In 1972 he started his study at the Vincennes University, Indiana. During this period, he misused drugs and alcohol. He has played many bands like Glitter band Trash. After some time he got a job in telephones installing. After completing graduation from college, he decided to continue in music and moved t9o New York City.

Career Beginning

Mellencamp’s recorded his album The Kid Inside in 1977; DeFries went against the release; finally, this album was released in 1983. In 1982 he got his breakthrough album, “American Fool.” “Hurts So Good” and “Jack and Diane,” his famous hit album. He got a Grammy for the Best Make Vocal Performance award. In 1983 he announced his “Uh-Huh” album; in 1985, he announced “Scarecrow,” his one of the albums “Small Town” became a most famous anthem. He is a member of Farm Aid; an organization started in 1985; this organization helped raise the money for the family farm.

Personal Life

Mellencamp dated Priscilla Esterline; he married his girlfriend when he knew that she was pregnant. After completing his graduation from high school, he becomes a father. At the age of 18, his daughter also becomes a mother, and at the age of 37, he becomes a grandfather. Their marriage lasted till 1981. After he dated Victoria Granucci and married Victoria, they stayed in a relationship till 1981-1989. After he married model Elaine Irwin in 1992 September and their marriage lasted till 2011. In 2015 he fell in love with supermodel Christie Brinkley. 

Net worth

The current net worth of John Mellencamp is about 30 Million Dollars; he accumulated all of his wealth from their singing career.

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