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John Singleton Net Worth

John Singleton was a film director, actor, and screenwriter. He directed the film Boys and the hood in 1991. He was also the scriptwriter of the film. He got the best director nomination in the Academy Awards for this film. He was only 24 during this film. So, he becomes the youngest person who got the Academy Awards nomination. He was also the first Afro-American to get Academy Awards nomination. His films, like Higher Learning and Poetic justice, had contemporary themes. He has also directed action films. He also directed the television series Snowfall. He was nominated for Emmy Awards for “Race Card.”

Early Life

Los Angeles is the birthplace of John. He was born in 1968. His mother is Sheila Ward. She was a sales executive. His father is Danny Singleton. He was a financial planner. John studied at Blair school and Pasadena College. He is graduatedfrom CNTV. His favorite subject was computer science. But he joined the film writing program.He was inspired by Steven Spielberg’s films. Star Wars influenced him so much.

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Boys and the hood was his first film. It was released in 1991. It featured Cuba Gooding and Angela Bassett. The film was a great success. It was screened at the Cannes Festival. He received the best screenplay and best director nominations in the Academy Awards. This film was preserved in the film registry due to its cultural significance.

His second film was Poetic justice, which was released in 1993. His film Higher Learning received positive reviews. His film Rosewood was nominated at Berlin Film Festival in the Golden Bear category. It was released in 1997. This was a historical film. His next film, Baby boy, released in 2001, was also a critical and commercial success. His thriller film Shaft, was a successful film. Samuel Jackson played the main role in this film.

His action films Four brothers and Fast to furious received moderate reviews. He produced his first film Hustle & Flow, in 2005.

He also produced a Black snake moan in 2006 and Illegal tender in 2007.

He had acted in films such as Studio and you, Beverly hills cop, Baby boy &Eight miles.

Singleton directed episodes of famous television shows. He was the executive producer of Rebel, a crime drama. Snowfall was co-created by Singleton.Abduction was the last film directed by him. Itwas released in 2011.

Personal Life

John married AkosuaBusia in 1996. She is a Ghanaian actress. They have a daughter. They were divorced in 1997.

He has seven children from different partners.

Singleton’s car struck a pedestrian in 2007.After questioning, he was released.

He criticized studios for not letting Afro-American direct films.

In 2017, a journalist accused Singleton ofsexual harassment. Journalist Daniel Young had interviewed John in 2017. She said that he harassed her sexually.

Net Worth

The net worth of John Singleton was $35 Million dollars.


Singleton suffered a stroke in 2019. He was put in ICU.He was admitted to Cedars Medical Center. But his condition worsened, and he passed away.The funeral was in Los Angeles. ForestMemorial Park is his resting place. Intracerebral hemorrhage was the death cause.

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