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Jontron was born on 24th March 1990, and his real name is Johnathan Aryan Jafari. He is a prominent comedian, internet personality, YouTube star, and reviewer from America. He is distinguished for his internet eponymous web series named Jontron, where he makes receives and parodies of internet memes, video games, and movies. Jafari has helped create and host a series of Let’s Play named Game Grumps. He is also a creator of a website for video-game entertainment known as Normal Boots. His channel has over six million subscribers as of 2021 and has racked up over a billion views in its existence.

Early Life

JonTron is originally from Rancho Palos Verdes in California, and he is a descendent of Hungarian ancestry. His mother is also Hungarian, but his dad is a descendent of Iranian bloodline. John has been to the high school of Palos Verdes Peninsula, and he studied there for four years. He has also met The Completionist, another YouTube star, and the editor of Game Grumps named Barry Kramer.

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Career Beginning

Jafari has helped create an account in NewGrounds, an art website, under BirdmanXZ6. He uploaded five animations that he built himself about an onion that had human emotions. He also made another account on YouTube under the same name in the year 2006. Then, Jafari started uploading on a website named Screwattack.com in 2010, where he reviewed games such as ScrewAttack and GoldenEye 007. On that website, John also met another creator named Austin Hargrave, or PeanutButterGamer.

Jafari created his Johnston YouTube channel in 2010, and he chose that name because it reminded him of technology. The Time and Eric Awesome Show was originally going to air as JonTron 2.0, but it changed its name. Then JonTron started uploading the Dikatana review of Nintendo 64 that came in two parts. In every episode, Jontron tries reviewing independent games specific to a genre, franchise, or theme. John is usually accompanied by Jacques, his green cheeked parakeet, and that parrot speaks in a robot voice. Jafari usually inserts sketch comedy elements in his display episodes of GameGrumps gaming websites. Jacques originally was supposed to have the say of a stereotypical Jive, and the parakeet’s mouth was supposed to be imposed on the character, and the eyes of the parrot would glow when he spoke. John has reviewed several movies and franchises such as Barbie, Hercules, Home Alone, and Conan The Barbarian. He is also a reviewer of games that lack a license, especially in the Pokémon world. He also paid significant interest in China, which, according to John, is very much better at plagiarizing Disney than the ones in America. He also considers movie games of China as a good collection of entertainment.

Personal Life

John spent a lot of his childhood years growing up in California, where he came across fellow Game Grumps member Arin Hanson, but then moved to NYC with his girlfriend in 2013. He then got married in 2019, on 20th October, to Charlotte “Bear” Claw.

Net Worth

JonTron’s current approximate net worth is about 2.2 million USD

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