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Joyner Lucas Net Worth

Gary Maurice Lucas Jr., professionally known as Joyner Lucas, is an outstanding American singer, record producer, actor, poet, rapper, and songwriter from Worcester, Massachusetts. After doing his single entitled “Ross Capicchinoi,” he got critical acclaim and extensive exposure. His fourth mixtape got first in the major label. His single “I’m Not Racist” that he released in November 2017 went viral and raised him to fame. This single got praise and attention that it got nominated for Grammy Award for Best Music Video.

Lucas is highly known for his talent for remixing songs like “Bank Account,” “DNA,” and “Gucci Gang,” and many more.

Early Life

Joyner Lucas is the son of a white mother and a black father. He was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, on 17th August 1988. He was quite interested in songs and raps in his childhood and started rapping when he was 10 years old. Lucas completed his studies at the South High Community School of Worcester.

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Career Beginnings

Lucas began rapping under the forename G-Storm, but after some time, he changed his name to Future Joyner. He began working along with his cousin named Cyrus the Great and formed a group named Film SkoolRejekts. In 2011, Lucas released a mixtape titled “Listen to Me.” His song “Ross Capicchioni,” which was released in 2015, rose to fame, and the success of this song made him win the 2015 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher.

In 2016, Lucas signed the deal with Atlantic Records and released the project named 508-507-2209 in June 2017 along with Atlantic Records. Lucas released the song “I’m Not Racist” in November 2017, which was released on his YouTube channel. The video of this song was praised by people and achieved critical acclaim.

The song is all about society and race, which describer the perspective of a black man and a white man. Song was praised and attracted many people and got nominated for Grammy Award for Best Music Video. In 2018, Lucas released a song “Frozen” that mainly focused on various forms of driving recklessly.

Personal Life

Joyner Lucas is married to Carmen Julissa Ayala and has a son called Joyner Messiah Lucas. He had a complicated relationship with Carmen Julissa Ayala. Joyner Lucas expresses his love for his son in many of his songs and adores him a lot. His son made many cameos for the music videos made by his father.

Lucas made an album entitled ADHD and revealed that the reason behind making this album is that he was diagnosed with ADHD in his childhood. This problem made him feel that people around him, like his siblings and parents, made him feel unwanted and treated him as normal. Sometimes he acted, and because of this, he was sent to an alternative school for not acting well.

Net Worth

As of 2020, the estimated net worth of Joyner Lucas is approximately 1 million dollars. He earns his salary from his multiple talents as he is an excellent singer, songwriter, rapper, poet, and more. 

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