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Big Chief, real name Justin Shearer is a renowned television personality born on the 9th of December in 1980. Justin is a 40 years old streetcar driver, appeared in ample reality shows; all the more, shearer was fascinated by car racing since his childhood. Conferring his passion and interest, Justin entered the mainstream barefooted, and now he owns the utmost expensive shoes. In order to pursue his career as a full-time street car racer, Justin moved to the capital of car racing named Oklahoma.

The role model and ideal of Justin Shearer is none other than his mom, as he is immensely inspired and affectionate towards his mom. Here are some of the crucial facts and bio about big chief Justin shearer, so without wasting any further dues, let’s get started.

Early life 

Justin Shearer, named as big chief, was born in Kentucky, and to utterly precise, in Louisville, a beautiful city in Kentucky. Justin is an 80s kid, which is the utmost prominent reason why he chose street car racing as a career as streetcar racing was the sizzling subject at the instance. Justin Shearer turned 40 last year; the fact might astonish you that big chief blazed the trail of his career at the mere age of 9; yes, you read it right. 

Subsequent to 3 years, Justin migrated to Oklahoma City alongside his mother; as mentioned ahead, Oklahoma was majorly famous for car racing traditions, and it rendered an ultimate opportunity to Justin to establish his racing career at the event. 

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Justin’s career was equipped with highs and lows at the foremost events. However, he was later exceedingly recognized in the racing scenario of Oklahoma. The original racing car acquired and modified by the big chief was Pontiac Lemans; the car was named after the bird crow. Despite his passion for car racing, his hosting skills were actually commendable. Big chief entered the vanilla marketplace by signing a real car racing show named street outlaws as the primary host. 

Subsequent to signing the show, the popularity of Justin shearer kept consistently inclining; the fact might amaze you that the street outlaws were subjected to 13 conferring seasons by the end of 2019. The prominent season of the street outlaws was on air in 2013, which acquired mishmash ratings equipped with an exceeding extent of positive reviews. 

Recently, the big chief did not appear in some of the episodes of the show, and fans of Justin begun to tweeting that where his big chief did, he left the show and many more. However, the creator of the show stated that the big chief is a significant part of the show, but it is pretty impossible to record the screen time of the prominent host in every episode; additionally, he is not departing from the front. The personal life of Justin shearer was correspondingly equipped with ups and lows; the big chief married his long-time dating girlfriend Allicia in 2006. However, the marriage ended in 2017 as Allicia filed a divorce in the explicit year.

Net worth

The net worth of Justin Shearer, the big chief, is $3 million. 

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