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The real juvenile name is Teruis Gray. He is more famous by the name of Juvenile. He had started his career in 1990. He had chosen the career as a rapper. He is very known for the album, which is named Cash Money Records. It was aired in the late 1990s and the year 2000. He usually performed in the single and also worked in the group. He worked under the group of Hot Boys. His song was published in the local studios. He had made his debut in the film known as Being Myself. He had released many themes such as SoljaRogs., 400 degrees, and many more.

Early Life

The Juvenile was brought down on this earth on 26th March 1975. He had cried for the first time in New Orleans, present in Louisiana in the US. Though he was born in New Orleans, he was raised in the Magnolia Projects, in Orleans only. He had done his schooling at the Our Lady Of Grace Catholic School. He had a great interest in singing and composing them. He had nothing when he had started his career. He started his career from having nothing to achieve the most significant victory. He used to work hard to accomplish his career to the most incredible heights.


He had started his career at an early age. He had started his career in late 1990. He had started his career by working in the local. That makes him the local star. He had made his debut in the album Solja Rags. The album was released in the year 1997. After that song, another album was got released, 400 Degreez. This album was recognized in platinum. He had done his solo performance, and all those albums were into the hit section. He had done the Tha G-Code and another album such as project and the Juve: the great. He had worked under many labels such as Hot Boys, Cash Money, Millionaires, the UTP, and the Children of Da Ghetto. He had collaborated with many artists such as Hot Boys, Cash Money, Millionariez, Children of Da ghetto, and mostvital without him, JT The Biggs Figga. He had also done the awards such as Juvenile: Unser, which was was aired in 2001. New Orleans exposed the power of Few, which got aired in 2013, and the Treme, which was aired in2015.

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Personal Life

He got married to Joy Delsearon. He was blessed with a daughter whose name was Jelani. When he was out of his home. His daughter and his wife were killed in their home. They were killed in the house with the guns. Tell became the accused of the murders.

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $500 thousand, which he gained from his Music career. He gained respect as well as money and fame to his name.

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