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Jyp is known as Park Jin-Young. By Profession, he is a singer as well as a songwriter. He had kept his stage name as JY park. He is from Korea and a very successful singer from Korea who had a huge fandom. Rather than doing singing, he was doing the Judging reality show. He got more fandom after the successful launch of his Song, whose name was Blue City in the year 1994.

Early Life

JYPis real name is Park Jin Young. He was brought up in this world on 13th December in the year 1971. He was born in Seoul, which is in South Korea. His childhood was normal and not tragic, as some people have. His birth was in Seoul, a famous city in South Korea. By Profession, his father was working at a news agency based in the U.S. He was only nine years old, his family moved to New York. Due to his assignment, his family had to move to New York. He had lived there for three years. Then he returned to Seoul for High school Studies. He had completed his studies his high school studies. He had then completed his graduation from Yonsei University. While doing the graduation, he had them release the two albums. He had done Bachelor’s degree in Geology in the year 1996. He has an older sibling. 


Young, by Profession, is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is also a reality Television judge of a show. He works as a record producer. He had another name which is known as JYP and also as The Asian soul. While he was at his college doing graduation, he had released his two albums which gained much attention. He made his debut in the year1994 as a solo artist. He released the album whose name is “Don’t Leave Me.” He also had an agency whose name is JYP entertainment. He had also stepped foot into American Industry and became the first to produce the album, which features Will Smith and Mase and Cassie in the year2004. He had also collaborated with Jackie Chan in his albums. He made “Smile Again” with Jackie and a Korean director Kang Je Gyu. He was the first Korean songwriter who had kept his name in the BillBoard Hot 100 Chart. In the year2009, he demanded another song whose name was “No Love No More.” He had worked the label, whose name was JYP. He collaborated with other artists such as Park JinYoung, and it’s a new generation and JYP nation. He had received awards such as Presidential Commendation in 2011; He had also received the Korea Power Celebrity in the recent year 2021 by Forbes. He had got the Best R&B Performance for the Song I have a girlfriend, Beat Asian Composer for the Song.

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Personal Life

He married his love of life, Seo Yoon Jeong, in 1999, but their relationship didn’t work, and the couple filed for divorce in the year 2009. He again got married on the year 10th October 2013. He had a daughter.

Net Worth

Jyp holds a total net worth of $26 million, which he had gained through his song and song composing skills. 

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