Keemstar Net Worth

Daniel M. Keem was born on 8th March 1982, and he is known by his online name, Keemstar. He is a prominent American podcaster, YouTuber, and also streamer. He is most evident for being in DramaAlert, which is a popular internet culture and news show.

Early Life

Keem is originally from Buffalo in New York, and he has one older brother and one sister.

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Career Beginning

Keem’s first video on YouTube was in 2009, where he played Halo 3 and recorded an online multiplayer voice channel recording. He then uploaded on a channel named xDJKEEMSTAR, where he reported YouTube news in 2009. He then registered the channel name as DramAlert in 2014 and often offered his opinions on several hard-hitting topics.

Keem had an argument with his moderator on He encouraged his chat to type “Alex is a stupid N-word,” which became a considerable controversy. Keem had to publicly apologize for promoting racial slurs. Then Keem posted a tweet directed at Total Biscuit in 2016 January, where he made fun of him being diagnosed with terminal cancer, saying he can’t wait to report on Total Biscuit’s death. He died in May 2018, and Keemstar also made an apology on his YouTube channel for it.

In 2016 May, IDubbbz released an episode of Content Cop where he documented Keemstar, and it has garnered over thirty million views. The video accuses Keemstar of threatening more oversized YouTube personalities by promoting negative coverage and said Keem promotes smaller channels by accusing them of hiding something terrible. Ian has called him a harsh decision-maker who does deplorable things. Keemstar responded by calling the video entertaining and then denied accusations saying he is looking for news, guests, and exclusive interviews. Keem has apologized for the incidents and comments he made but justified him using the N-word by showing genealogical DNA evidence showing he is only nine percent black.

Keemstar has also been a rampant body-shamer and shamed Eugenia Cooney and Erika Costell, who look malnourished. Eugenia Cooney has an eating disorder, and both of them were not happy about the tweets.

Keemstar also received significant coverage after a YouTube personality named Etika committed suicide. Several YouTube personalities blamed Keemstar for egging Etika to suicide, and every criticism came because Keem badly wanted to document every act that Etika Did. Keemstar doxed Etika by posting his hospital’s location to Twitter. He also told Etika to jump off a cliff and that his mental health issues are just publicity stunts. Keemstar believes that mental health issues are fake, and people often slam him regarding his demeaning thoughts. Keemstar denies every claim against him regarding Etika, but Ethan Klein posted a video documenting his misdemeanors. Because of the video, G Fuel, Keem’s biggest sponsor, dropped him from the contract.

Personal Life

Keemstar is a republican, and he shows a lot of support from a previous American president, Donald Trump, who is prominent for hiding his tax returns and mishandling the coronavirus situation. Donald Trump is also renowned for telling his followers to inject bleach because it was a coronavirus cure. He also is married and has a young daughter who is named Mia.

Net Worth

Keemstar has an average and approximate net worth of about two million USD, and he earns a lot from his YouTube Channel, DramaAlert. He has an average monthly earning of up to eleven thousand dollars per month and a hundred thousand dollars a year.

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