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Keith Sweat Net Worth

The music industry has produced several talented artists, especially from America, and one of them is Keith Douglas Sweat. He is not only a singer but also a songwriter and has written several outstanding songs. He was an integral part of the popular New Jack Swing musical movement. He has produced several hits and was also a part of the R&B supergroup. He is also one of the founders of some musical groups such as Kut Klose and Silk.

Keith released his first full-length in the year 1987 with the title; Make it Last Forever, which was a huge success as more than three million copies were sold.  Numerous singles and albums of Keith reached the top position on the Billboard charts. He brought the blend of hip-hop beats and soul singing into the industry, also known as ‘New Jack Swing.’

Early life

Keith Sweat spent his childhood in great difficulties as he didn’t have all the luxuries as he was born to a hairdresser and a factory worker living in Harlem, New York City. He was raised in Harlem’s surrounding areas, and it was where he started giving performances in night clubs at the age of 14. He spent his complete young age while singing and studying. He sang in several places all over New York.

Keith completed his graduation in Communications from the City College of New York and started working as a brokerage assistant with a firm. He was quite successful as a brokerage assistant, but he left it for his love for music and started creating songs for top record levels.

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Career beginning

Keith Sweat started his career in 1975 by joining a band based in Harlem known as ‘Jamilah’ as a lead singer. He performed at various venues while being a part of this band before he left it in 1984. After leaving the band, he started solo singing at different clubs, and ‘Stadium Records’ noticed him and gave him a chance to record an album under its label.

In 1987, he released his first debut solo album, Make it Last Forever, which was a massive hit. He released few more Albums in 1990,1991,1994, and all of them topped the charts and made him a superstar.

Personal Life

The personal life of Keith Sweat was not much interesting, and there is not enough information about it available. He married Lisa Wu Hartwell in the year 1992, but unfortunately, the marriage didn’twork well, and they both Split in 2002. Keith got custody of their two sons after the divorce.

Net Worth

If we talk about Keith Sweat net worth, it is estimated at around $250000. He was quite financially stable, but the last few years have proven to be highly disturbing for him. He failed to make payments to a mortgage company, which sued him in return and demanded compensation. The company has provided a compensation of $250000, but it has not been collected till now. The mortgage company is trying to overtake his other assets too.

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