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Kelly Slater Net Worth

Robert Kelly Slater was born on eleventh February 1972, and he is a prominent professional surfer from America. He is best recognizable for his undefeated 11 wins in the world surfing championships. Slater is often regarded as the biggest and most successful professional surfer in history.

Early Life

Slater is originally from Florida, and he still resides in that area. He was born to Stephen Slater and Judy Moriarity. He has a sister and two brothers, and his father used to work as a proprietor in a bait store. He grew up near water bodies, and he commenced his surfing adventure at the age of five. He was winning division events at the age of ten, and he was down to the Atlantic coast in age divisions. He won his major age-division championship in the United States in 1984. After two years, he finished the junior division in third place and England’s amateur world championships. He has also secured a win in the Pacific Cup Junior championship, held in Australia the following year.

Slater commenced his professional career in 1990, and he has struggled immensely in the first two years of his entering the professional tour. He finished in the ninetieth and forty-third spot in the world ranking. He has also secured a win in the leading professional tour event Rip Curl Pro held in France. He secured a Pipeline Masters win that year in Hawaii, which was his major world cup title.

Career Beginning

He grew up in Florida, and he was not comfortable with swift waves until a short trip to Oahu. There was a big swell from Northwest that was closing to the coast and breaking from the Waimea. He drove to Makaha, and then he got obsessed with the big waves that broke the bay. His most loved surfing sports included Ventura Mondos, Pipeline, Jeffrey’s bay, Thagazout, Veiny’s, Soup Bowls, and Sebastian Inlet. He also knows how to play ukulele and guitar, and he has done performances with Angus Stone and Jack Johnson. He also recently joined Rob Machado, and he named the band The Surfers. He performed with Ben harper during their concert at Santa Barbara, and he also served with Perl Jam and Grunge in San Diego, a song named Rockin in the free world. He has performed with Shirley Manson, a singer from Garbage, in their promotional video of You, Look so Fine.

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Personal Life

Kelly has an avid interest in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and also is an avid player of Golf. His inspirations for surfing are Shane Dorian, Andy Irons, Dane Reynolds, Josh Kerr, Andrew Bloom, Ken Wells, Drew Phelps, and Hunter Collins.

Net Worth

The current average and approximate net worth of Kelly Slater is about 22 million dollars, and he has accumulated this wealth by playing in international-level surfing championships. He has also dived deep in music and has collaborated with many prominent artists from the US and around. He is a golfer and has earned himself as an amateur-level player for now.

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