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Kesha Rose Sebert is formerly known as Kesha. She is a wonderful singer, actress, rapper, and songwriter and has a famous personality on Instagram as well. At a very early age, she signed Kemosabe Records, but the life-changing time came when she got featured by Flo Rida in some of his most popular singles entitled “Right Round.” His style, image, and music are so appealing that she immediately got success.

Most of her albums ranked at the top in US Billboard 200, including Warrior, Animal, Rainbow, High Road, and more. Some of her singled were ranked in top-ten in US Billboard Hot 100, which include singles like “Your Love,” “Die Young,” “TikTok,” “My First Kiss,” “Your Love is My Drug,” “Blow” and many more. His single named “TikTok” became one of the best selling singles as around 16.5 million units were sold internationally.

Early Life

Kesha Rose Sebert is the daughter of Rosemary Patricia “Pebe” Sebert and was born in 1987 on 1st March in Los Angeles, California. Her mother is a singer and a songwriter and a single mother also who raised Kesha but struggling financially to support her kids, both Kesha and Lagan. Her mother relied on food stamps and welfare payments to have food and to live.

Kesha mentioned she is unaware of the identity of his father. Kesha’s mother is of Hungarian and German descent.

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Career Beginnings

Kesha got signed the Prescription Songs, a music publishing company, and Kemosabe Records. Kemosabe Records is a part of Sony Music Entertainment and later partnership with Sony Music Entertainment. The famous singer Katy Perry is a friend of Kesha, and she made Kesha appear in one of her singles named “I Kissed a Girl.”

N 2009, Kesha signed with RCA Records for a multi-album, and for this album, she has worked hard and wrote more than 200 songs. Her songs were certified Platinum, and around 2 million albums were sold across the world. Her one of the single “TikTok,” got highly popular and broke records of highest sales in a week. Around 610,000 downloads were made of his single in a week.

Personal Life

When she discovered she is bisexual, she openly talked about it and let everybody know. She has attended and performed many legal commitment formal procedures for opposite-sex and same-sex couples. Seventeen magazines interviewed her, and there she said she loves people and her love is not specific to men or a particular gender. Kesha has guts, and she was involved with animal rights and LGBT activism as well.

Net Worth

Kesha Rose is a rapper, actress, songwriter, and singer based in America and has a net worth of approximately $5 million. It is estimated that her net worth is less and shocking because her singles were ranked in the Top 10 of US Billboard Hot 100. This is because her battle with Song/RCA records and Dr. Luke had made her famous but had taken much of her money away.

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