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Kiefer Sutherland Net Worth

Kiefer Sutherland was born on the twenty-first December 1966, and he is a prominent British Canadian actor, director, producer, and singer. He is most evident for being in 24, a Fox television drama series, performing as Jack Bauer. His performance lasted until 2014, and Kiefer earned awards from Golden Globe, Emmy, and Sattlelite and Screen actors guild twice. He made his breakout performance in The Bay Boy, which aired on Canadian television, and it earned him a nomination for Genie Award. He has had several successful movie experiences in The Lost Boys, Stand By Me, Young Guns, A Few Good Men, FlatLiners, The Three Musketeers, A Few Good Men, A Time To Kill, Phone Booth, Dark City, and Pompeii.

He has also been in a Fox drama named Touch, where he was performing as Martin Bohm and did the voice and facial motion in Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain for Big Boss and Venom Snake. He has played the leading role in Designated Survivor from Netflix as the president Tom Kirkman.  

Early Life

Sutherland has initially been from London, and he was born to two successful Canadian actors, Donald and Shirley Sutherland, who was working in London for the time being. He also has a sister born with him named Rachel, and she has served as a movie supervisor for a short time. His grandfather is a Scottish Canadian politician who has helped bring universal healthcare to Canada, Tommy Douglas the great.

Career Beginning

Sutherland has made his breakout from a movie Max Dugan Returns, where his father has also worked, Donald Sutherland. Kiefer was one of the most prominent participation in A Nightmare on Elm Street as Glen Lantz, and it was the movie breakout of Johnny Depp. Sutherland received positive reactions for his performance in The Bay Boy as Donald Campbell, and then he decided to make a move to Hollywood. His first movie inside the USA was Stand B Me, and it was directed by Rob Reiner. Sutherland performed the role of a neighborhood bully. The story revolved around the search for a dead body, and it was a significant success in silver screens around the globe. Before this movie, Sutherland performed the supporting character of a silent friend of Sean Penn. The name of this movie was At Close Range, and he fought against Christopher Walker in this James Foley-directed criminal drama.

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Personal Life

Sutherland has a daughter named Sarah, and he conceived her when married to Camelia Kath. He also became the stepfather of Michelle Kath. Roberts and Sutherland finally got engaged in 1990 after they starred with each other in Flatlines. They planned a studio wedding, but Roberts finally broke off the engagement after finding that Sutherland met Amanda Rice, a go-go dancer. Roberts denied the allegations of an affair and just stated that he met Amanda because he likes playing pool. He also commenced dating Cindy Vela, and they are engaged and reside in Los Angeles.

Net Worth

The current average net worth of Kiefer Sutherland is about 100 million dollars. He has accumulated most of this wealth from performing in movies and television shows. He has also done theatre acting when young in the industry and is currently serving in Netflix shows.

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