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Bitcoin Era is a trading app that allows investors to increase their profitability from minimum investments of $ 250. The robot is fully automated which means that anyone can use it regardless of how much investment experience you have. It is possible to increase the investment amount from a $ 250 deposit. To do this, you need to be able to generate a 5% profit every day so that you can reinvest your earnings.  

It is possible to make profits of 15% per day using the robot. Bitcoin Era places investments automatically, which means that investors do not have to have any prior experience to be able to use it. Keep in mind though, that it is possible to invest in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies but not in other markets.

How does Bitcoin Era work?

Bitcoin Era bot is a fully automated robot dedicated to the crypto currency market. The robot conducts investment research by analyzing the Bitcoin market to identify the most profitable investments. Unlike ‘human’ investors, the algorithms on which it is based are capable of analyzing vast amounts of data within a fraction of a second and placing investments based on that data. Robots like Bitcoin Era use cutting-edge technologies to ensure precision and speed.

What technology does Bitcoin Era use?

The robot is created following a complex sequence of algorithms that allow the robot to be able to analyze the market and place investments automatically, all within less than a second. This type of automated investment involves an algorithm that analyzes huge amounts of data and then makes a decision independently.

Advanced algorithms such as those used by Bitcoin Era also include an analysis of relevant financial news, which may or may not affect the profitability of an investment. The beauty of an algorithm like this is that everything is analyzed in a split second. It is also able to detect the slightest market movement that could decide the outcome of an investment.

How much can you earn with Bitcoin?

A beginner who starts making money with Bitcoin cannot expect to become a millionaire overnight. Those who make promises of this type are usually just a scammer. At the beginning small sums are earned and investment must be considered as a form of learning. The price of Bitcoin increases and decreases continuously: in phases of great growth, such as that which culminated at the end of 2017, there are phases of falling prices. It is physiological that Bitcoin behaves in this way. Those who want to invest in Bitcoin must aim to obtain profits at any time, both when the price rises and when it falls. With Bitcoin Era you can make 20% profits every day, which means you could turn 250 Euros into 500,000 Euros over the course of a year by reinvesting part of your profits.

Earning Bitcoin with mining

There is not only the possibility of making money with Bitcoin through investments. Everyone knows that it is possible to earn Bitcoin with mining. What is Bitcoin mining? It is a procedure that allows you to obtain Bitcoin as a reward for services rendered for the functioning of the blockchain. Initially it was very easy to make money with mining but the difficulty increases exponentially (it’s not a way of saying; it’s just a mathematical exponential growth). This means that a very high investment in specialized hardware is currently required to mine Bitcoin. In addition, a large amount of electricity is required. To earn with Bitcoin mining, therefore, you need a very high initial capital (tens of thousands of Euros as a minimum) while those who decide to invest can start with just 100 Euros. Furthermore, to mine Bitcoin, electricity must be extremely cheap. At times when the price of Bitcoin drops a lot, it is possible that the mining cost is higher than the value of Bitcoin (but usually these situations do not last long).

Bitcoin is one of the biggest revolutions in the world of finance and has allowed many investors to make high profits. Earning with Bitcoin is possible even for those who do not have much experience but it is always necessary to remember that it takes commitment (and a little study for those who start from scratch). The only way to earn money is to use authorized and regulated investing platforms, the only ones that are safe.

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